Vacant land in Toowoomba's west attracting investors: HTW

Vacant land in Toowoomba's west attracting investors: HTW
Vacant land in Toowoomba's west attracting investors: HTW

Being one of the more affordable regional locations in Australia, Toowoomba and surrounding suburbs offer an opportunity for many different types of home owners.

With various industry and job opportunities, a central hub location, a diverse property market and varying segments, there are many different home owners whether FIrst home owners, families, or empty nesters, the valuation firm, Herron Todd White recently noted.

While lending has tightened and property ownership has become more difficult for the next generation, there are still good opportunities in the Toowoomba region to become a home owner, HTW suggested.

Strategies such as joint ownership can also bring affordability to young people getting their foot in the ownership door and out of the rental market. 

The typical product attractive to first home buyers tends to be in the sub $450,000 segment, being new 2- and 3-bedroom units as well as 3- and 4-bedroom houses located in active investor areas in the western suburbs of Toowoomba and satellite suburbs such as Cambooya and Wyreema. 

Non-locals account for the majority of investors in Toowoomba, according to Herron Todd White’s recent report.

The property investment firm says that locals mostly purchase to occupy.

“Investors have generally been attracted to low maintenance properties such as near new 4-bedroom 2-bathroom 2-car houses and 6-bedroom 4-bathroom 2-car duplex pairs.

“Majority of the investor market at present appears to be non-local investors with most locals purchasing to occupy.

“The majority of the investor market tends to operate in the sub $400,000 segment for houses and sub $550,000 for duplex pairs.

“In the current market it’s unknown whether investors are favouring strategies to seek higher yields or focusing on capital gains.

“With a slow moving market at present, investors are possibly looking to use a mixture of the two strategies,” the report stated.

Suburbs such as Glenvale and Cranley are hotspots for investors over the past few years Herron Todd White advises.

“Some of the western suburbs such as Glenvale and Cranley, and nearby neighbouring suburbs including Wyreema and Cambooya have tended to be hot spots for investor activity over the past few years.

“This is most likely a result of vacant space able to be developed; with other suburbs to capacity and unable to spread.

“The investor market has been strong in the Toowoomba area over the past few years with the contributing boost in infrastructure and developments recently completed and still underway.

“These projects have brought workers to the area requiring accommodation.

“It could be argued that the high investor activity recently experienced in the Toowoomba area had a negative impact on the region with an apparent oversupply situation, rise in vacancy rates and a reduction in rents.

“On the other hand this has also helped bring jobs, housing and affordability,” the report advised.

A 600 sqm block of land at 591 Greenwattle Street, Glenvale (above) has sold for $160,000.

A 4,000 sqm block of land at 202 Drayton-Wellcamp Road, Glenvale (below) was listed for $225,000, with the update now showing offers above $210,000.

Vacant land in Toowoomba's west attracting investors: HTW

Interest in Toowoomba and surrounding areas, however, has slowed Herron Todd White warns.

“Investor interest in Toowoomba and surrounding areas has significantly slowed in the past two years, resulting in a gradual correction of the market with vacancy rates and rents stabilising.

“People looking to invest in the Toowoomba area could consider purchasing in older suburbs closer to the CBD, shops and services such as Centenary Heights, Darling Heights, Kearneys Spring, Newtown, North and South Toowoomba.

“These areas could see higher yields with proximity for convenience and have greater potential for capital growth as these suburbs have nowhere to spread,” the report warned.

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