Light Buoys artwork illuminates Yarra's Edge, Docklands

Light Buoys artwork illuminates Yarra's Edge, Docklands
Light Buoys artwork illuminates Yarra's Edge, Docklands

A 50 metre glowing sculpture will rise six metres out of the Yarra River designed by Melbourne artist Tracy Sarroff and feature 16 buoyant crystalline shards made from opaque acrylic, that will move with the tide and interact with pedestrians.

The development in the Yarra River at Yarra’s Edge in Docklands, named the Light Buoys, was commissioned by Yarra’s Edge developer, Mirvac, was inspired by the formation of reeds that are native to the Yarra.

Elysa Anderson, Mirvac’s General Manager of Residential Victoria said Light Buoys takes into account the design intent for the urban character of the Yarra’s Edge precinct and embraces the urban and riverfront nature of the precinct.

Artist Tracy Sarroff said she had been inspired by both science and science fiction to produce the artwork with its glowing shards of mostly cobalt blue and icy green shades, which will warm to red and pink hues when sonar sensors detect pedestrians moving closer.

“Light Buoys takes inspiration from science fact and science fiction, transforming what were once reeds and the West Melbourne Swamp, the work melds that natural past with a potential future,” she said.

“Although crafted using science and technology, the installation has life-like features: moving, breathing, pulsing and responding to the proximity of others.

“The installation enhances the locale and the riverside vista which are prime features influencing residents’ decision to move to Yarra’s Edge, while similarly enhancing the Yarra’s Edge experience for visitors and the art journey that exists along the Yarra."

Victorian Minister for Creative Industries, Martin Foley, officially launched the artwork in a ceremony on 1 August 2017.


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