Adelaide remains the most affordable despite increasing prices: HTW

Adelaide remains the most affordable despite increasing prices: HTW
Adelaide remains the most affordable despite increasing prices: HTW

Adelaide remains the most affordable capital cities despite increasing median prices, according to Herron Todd White’s latest July report.

The property data firm says that properties are still available under $500,000.

“Whilst Adelaide remains the most affordable mainland capital city in Australia, the current median price of $432,000 (current as at 31 May 2017 according to Corelogic Hedonic Home Value Index) has increased from a median price of $410,400 (as at 30 April 2016).

“Although there are still countless properties available around $500,000, there is an increasing scarcity of detached dwellings in this price range within proximity of the CBD,” the report stated.

The market for older units and townhouses remains flat Herron Todd White advises.

“The market for older units and townhouses regardless of location remains relatively flat.

“We have focused on detached housing for investors.

“It is reasonable to expect detached housing at $500,000 or below within 20 kilometres of the city but as noted, the closer one moves towards the city, the more the quality and size of detached housing decreases at this price level.

“Demand for older units and townhouses in locations further from the city may begin to increase should prices for detached housing continue to increase,” the report advised.

New apartments in Adelaide’s CBD are attracting investors, Herron Todd White reports.

“There is an increasing supply of new apartments in the Adelaide CBD which are tending to attract investors.

“It is viewed as a more attractive option than older style inner city units and townhouses due to stamp duty rebates and potential tax reduction strategies.

“The market for properties in proximity of the CBD at this price level continues to be extremely buoyant,” the report commented.

Areas with increased in-fill development are finding driving demand from investors and developers Herron Todd White warns.

“In areas with increased in-fill development, investors and developers have been driving demand and competing with first home buyers attempting entry into the market.

“In an area such as Flinders Park situated six kilometres west of the CBD, buyers seeking properties for $500,000 a couple of years ago have now been priced out of the market as the market has improved in that area within a short period of time.

“The suburb is situated adjacent to the linear park and in between the city and the sea and has become an increasingly popular suburb as a result.

“Popular areas that offer properties around $500,000 include suburbs such as Pasadena, Hope Valley and Croydon Park.

“Pasadena is situated to the south of the Adelaide CBD and is well serviced by the popular Pasadena Foodland and shopping centre.

“Whilst sections of the suburb are undergoing some in-fill development, this suburb offers older style dwellings reasonably close to the city at an affordable price level.

“Hope Valley is situated further from the city, approximately 13 kilometres to the north-east.

“This suburb is well serviced by a number of shopping centres including Tea Tree Plaza and is also situated in proximity to the Tea Tree Plaza interchange which provides easy access to the Adelaide CBD via the O-Bahn busway.

Croydon Park is situated to the north-west of the city adjacent to the popular suburbs of Croydon and West Croydon.

“It provides a more affordable alternative to these areas and is also adjacent the Torrens to Torrens roadway which is currently under construction.

“This will further improve access to the north and south of the city,” the report warned.

A four bedroom house at 76 Auricchio Avenue, Pasadena (above) has been listed for between $595,000 to $650,000.

Similarly a two bedroom apartment at 5/164 Croydon Avenue, Croydon Park (below) has been listed for sale.

Adelaide remains the most affordable despite increasing prices: HTW

Interest within the $500,000 to $800,000 are continuing Herron Todd White states.

“Real estate agents continue to report high levels of interest in the $500,000 to $800,000 price range within proximity of the city.

“Given decreasing supply of properties at this price level, demand will continue to be strong.

“Depending on location and general property features which tend to vary greatly, an expected rental yield for properties at this price level would be around 4% to 5%,” the report stated.

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