Bellevue Hill apartment development Modulus quickly snapped up by buyers

Bellevue Hill apartment development Modulus quickly snapped up by buyers
Bellevue Hill apartment development Modulus quickly snapped up by buyers

Buyers are snapping up the apartments in Modulus, located at 1 Birriga Lane, Bellevue Hill, with 60% sold and only two five-bedroom penthouses remaining.

The property will seek to achieve the Green Building Council of Australia’s 6 Star Green Star rating upon completion – the first multi-residential building in the country to attempt to do so in combination with a PassivHaus rating.

The super-eco-friendly property features next-level technological advancements with a boutique, luxury feel, and has a hugely futuristic appeal for environmentally-friendly and health-conscious buyers who are looking to achieve that next level of holistic yet luxurious living in one of the most sought-after locations in Australia.

Modulus is surrounded by sustainable, edible gardens with rainforest species framing outdoor terraces and palms filtering neighbours’ views.

Only the penthouses remain available, priced at between $6.6 million and $6.8 million.

The two bedrooms were offered between $2.3 million and $2.4 million and the three bedrooms were priced between $3.85 million and $4.5 million.

Knight Frank’s head of prestige residential sales, Australia Deborah Cullen and sales executive, prestige residential sales, Australia Richard Sholl are marketing the property on behalf of behalf of Modulus Luxury.

According to Cullen, this type of property is becoming increasingly sought-after in the luxury market, with sustainability one of the foremost topics in buyers’ minds.

“Modulus offers the trifecta for purchasers – location, technology and sustainability, and luxury.

“It is positioned in Sydney’s highly sought-after Eastern Suburbs, close to Bondi Beach and the CBD; features superior technology and sustainability features; and is beautifully, architecturally designed to improve health and wellbeing.”

According to Rajesh Nellore, Modulus luxury managing director, Modulus is designed with next-level technology from the clean tech industry.

“We support research, development and investment into sustainable living,” said Nellore.

“Today, buildings account for 40 per cent of global resource use.

“To make matters worse, building developers often tap forests and other resources in a way that depletes them, harms biodiversity, and generates pollution.

“Modulus is designed with ultimate eco-friendly waste and energy management in mind, and is part of a new generation of ‘smart homes’.

“Even the materials used to build the property were developed using materials that aim to minimise environmental impact, including the depletion of resources, impacts on bio diversity, greenhouse emissions and toxic waste.

“Modulus has an intelligent control system that directs the electricity produced by solar energy.

“To sustain residents’ good health, the apartments facilitate excellent natural ventilation and can also pump additional oxygen into homes while occupants are sleeping.

“Building materials are also selected to maintain healthy indoor air quality.”

Modulus features PassivHaus, a high-performance building design, with high levels of sustainable infrastructure and insulation – creating consistent internal thermal comfort without input from active heating or cooling systems.

It has sophisticated active and passive air conditioning systems, allowing the house to operate in three different modes of comfort conditioning.

Modulus features a ‘green roof’ partially covered with plants, offering numerous advantages, including a natural habitat for birds; storm water runoff reduction; and a filtration system for rainwater.

The ’green roof’ also serves as a meditation centre with meditation pods, decreasing stress through tranquillity.

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