BRICKX announced CANSTAR 2017 innovation award winner

BRICKX announced CANSTAR 2017 innovation award winner
BRICKX announced CANSTAR 2017 innovation award winner

Seven banking, insurance and investment products have been received a 2017 Innovation Excellence Award from CANSTAR.

Some 52 submissions were entered, with the winners awarded based on the degree of innovation and potential impact on the market their product has.

Mitchell Watson, CANSTAR group manager, research and ratings said this year entrants have exceeded expectations for the achievements that will make consumers’ lives better.

"From convenient digital wallets and new mobile banking apps and functions, to innovative insurance options and a fintech investment solution, winning submissions this year are focused on meeting a gap in the market or providing better value for money solution," he said.

“It’s great to recognise our first fintech solution into the Innovation Excellence Awards category. Given the growing appetite for finance services tech innovation, it will be interesting to see how many more fintech solutions are in the ranks next year

CANSTAR 2017 Innovation Excellence Award Winners

The seven winners are BRICKX, Macquarie Bank Online Banking, MLC Pre-Claim Early Engagement Service, NAB Pay Digital Wallet, Rural Bank Farm Management Deposit Offset Account, Suncorp Cyclone Resilience Benefit and Westpac Quick Transfer.

BRICKX is a fractional property investment platform that enables Australians to invest in residential real estate for a small portion of the cost of buying a whole house or investment property.

BRICKX buys the properties upfront, each property is put into a standalone fixed trust, and the properties are rented out. Investors buy ‘Bricks’ in the unit trust that owns the property they are interested in. Each Brick gives the investor a beneficial interest in the rental income and possible capital gains from that property. In March the property portfolio was valued at $8.68 million.

BRICKX launched fractional property investment as a retail product through the ASIC Innovation Hub scheme.  Although other fractional ownership schemes or managed funds exist, BRICKX provides a lower point of entry for investing in Australian residential real estate, compared to other investment options in the market, with investments starting at less than $100.  

BRICKX has succeeded in becoming popular with Australian investors, with 2,150 investors using the platform in the four months since launching in September 2016. 

For more information, click here.

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