Danny Avidan's Bronte Place beach chic on sale

Danny Avidan's Bronte Place beach chic on sale
Danny Avidan's Bronte Place beach chic on sale

Design details for Bronte Place have been revealed by developer Danny Avidan's RDA Property Group.

It is a three storey block designed by interior architects SJB with 21 apartments.Image: supplied

It took four years to obtain development approval for the project.

The last Bronte development was next door at 108 Macpherson Street in the late 1990s.Image: supplied

The apartments will feature luxury beachside chic finishes throughout including travertine floors or parquetry and marble bench tops. 

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The former fashion identity Danny Avidan recently emerged as the buyer of the Bronte RSL site.

Located at 109-113 Macpherson Street, the 21 unit project site was offloaded by the Sydney developer Winston Langley.


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