Titled land set to be released on Saturday in Melbourne's Stonybrook

Titled land set to be released on Saturday in Melbourne's Stonybrook
Titled land set to be released on Saturday in Melbourne's Stonybrook

If you want to buy your land and build your new home right now, you are entitled to do exactly that with constructed, titled land set to be released on March 19 at Stonybrook, Hillside in Melbourne’s north west.

“The Melbourne residential property market is experiencing large residential subdivisions pre-selling allotments that won’t be ready to build on for 12 months. We are launching on Saturday with titled allotments ready for house construction to start immediately. We know from other projects in Melbourne that there are many purchasers who can’t afford to wait for land to be titled before they can build," said Mark Erskine, director of Bendigo-based property developer YourLand Developments.

Among the many reasons buyers can't wait include a growing family or needing to move quickly, he added. However, in the regional market where the company also operates, buyers expect their land to be titled or titled quickly once they buy.

“We have witnessed first-hand the huge demand for new homes across Melbourne and noticed that buyers are keen to secure their future as soon as it becomes available," he said.

"Buying land off the plan suits those who are happy to wait for the title to come through, however, if you don’t it can be a source of frustration and many buyers find it difficult to plan around.

"Stonybrook has shifted the timing for pre-selling allotments to the later stages of the process to focus on providing buyers with certainty on timing.” 

Also helping is the the surrounding residential community, with shopping centres, schools, parks and public transport all close.

“Unlike a lot of new house and land developments, residents coming to Stonybrook don’t have to worry about when all the lifestyle amenities will be delivered, they are already here to embrace and enjoy,” said Erskine.

Stony Hill Creek, one of Melbourne’s most significant waterways, was reconfigured to create a scenic lake in the heart of the development.

"Having partnered with four key builders at Stonybrook, we are already experiencing a high level of interest because the builders have clients looking for titled land, so they can build right now,” he said.


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