Queensland's unprecedented infrastructure pipeline: Simon Pressley

Queensland's unprecedented infrastructure pipeline: Simon Pressley
Queensland's unprecedented infrastructure pipeline: Simon Pressley

An unprecedented level of major projects in the pipeline has the potential to produce significant growth in Queensland property markets. Although, there are some unanswered questions with a new government coming to office.

According to our research, there are thirty seven major infrastructure projects with a combined project value of a staggering $123 billion. If they were all to proceed they would create 142,900 new direct jobs.

There’s been a lot of hype over the last couple of years about the end of the mining construction boom and very little else coming through Australia’s infrastructure pipeline. What has been unfolding behind the scenes in Queensland is quite exciting although few people realise it. I doubt whether any state at any time in Australia’s history has ever had such a big pipeline of projects.

Throughout 2014 there were a lot of approvals of major projects along with various new proposals. Queensland’s jobs growth trend began to show green shoots. By the back end of 2014, Propertyology had become quite bullish in regards to property market outlooks throughout parts of the state.

We place a heavy emphasis on job growth potential with our property market forecasting. Wherever there is a new job there is demand for accommodation.

Queensland's unprecedented infrastructure pipeline: Simon Pressley

Official statistics from Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that Queensland created a total of 11,048 new jobs over the entire last three full calendar years. This puts the 142,900 job potential from Queensland’s project pipeline in to perspective.

Jobs growth has been the biggest driver of Sydney’s remarkable property boom over the last two years. The evidence is in the ABS data.

Australia created an additional 134,408 jobs in 2014. 52,975 of these were in Sydney.

We flag Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, and Cairns as property markets with very promising outlooks. 


Queensland's unprecedented infrastructure pipeline: Simon Pressley

The Abbott Point expansion at Bowen and rail infrastructure must be built in order to open up the biggest coal province in the world, Galilee Basin. High rollers such as Indian billionaires Adani and GVK, Gina Rinehart, Clive Palmer, and Chinese miner Macmines collectively have projects in the pipeline worth $53 billion.

Over the last two years, the city of Mackay has struggled under falling coal prices and property over-supply. But Mackay was placed back on Propertyology’s radar due to the potential 31,500 direct jobs which would be created if the Galilee Basin was officially opened up. Brisbane will benefit from the thousands of CBD administration new jobs that will be created. To a lesser extent, Townsville’s property market would also benefit through the supply of goods and services at the coal face and at Abbott Point.

During the January state election campaign, the Queensland Labor government made it known that they were opposed to expanding port facilities, even though, under former Premier Anna Bligh, Labor had initially approved the port expansion before the Newman government scaled it back to a more sustainable size. Earlier this month, Labor flagged a new proposal for the port dredging.

The new government has officially scrapped the $5.2 billion BaT Brisbane transport infrastructure project and raised questions over the proposed Queens Wharf project – comparable in size and quality to the new Barangaroo precinct in Sydney and the Crown Casino precinct in Melbourne.

Propertyology is still investing in Brisbane however we now place a couple of other locations ahead of Brisbane. The 18,000 extra jobs from the BaT project would have been very positive for Brisbane so too would have been the Herston medical precinct proposed by the Newman government. We had also factored in 10,000 new jobs from Queens Wharf but we just don’t know what will happen there now.

The Gold Coast property market has been described by Propertyology as having potential to be the best performing market in Australia over the next two years. When the Gold Coast Mayor first made mention that the proposed $7.5 billion ASF Resort project had potential for as many as 35,000 new (direct and indirect) jobs our ears certainly pricked up. Since being elected in to office, the new state government has scrapped the project. There’s already a lot of job creating infrastructure projects under way on the Gold Coast. And our outlook for the Australian tourism industry is off the Richter scale.  

Despite several major projects being declared ‘dead’ or doubtful’ over recent months, the job creation potential from within the long list of ‘likely to proceed’ projects is still very exciting. 

Queensland property markets have suffered over recent times from low confidence after the infamous 2011 floods, falling coal prices, and cut backs in the public sector. Pre-GFC, Queensland had previously created around 60,000 new jobs each year however there was actually a net loss of jobs in 2012 and 2013.


Queensland's unprecedented infrastructure pipeline: Simon Pressley

Simon Pressley is Managing Director of Propertyology, REIA Hall of Fame Inductee, property market analyst, accredited property investment adviser, and Buyer’s Agent. Propertyology works exclusively with property investors to purchase properties in strategically chosen locations all over Australia.

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