Perth's spring selling myth

Perth's spring selling myth
Perth's spring selling myth

If you’re familiar with the Perth property market, you’d be aware that the ‘spring selling season’ is considered the most active selling period of the year.

However this isn’t entirely accurate.

While it’s true there is generally a surge of activity during spring, there is a misconception that September is the start of the boom period, when in fact data suggests sales don’t pick up until October.

Closer analysis of the spring selling season indicates that September is actually the Achilles heel of the notional spring selling period.

There has only been one occasion since 1994 – September 2008 – that we actually saw a lift, every other September in the past 20 years has actually seen sales fall.

Having one less selling day than July, August and October is one theory behind why there is traditionally a drop in September, another is the long weekend that tends to fall during the month, and a case could also be made that with September being the last month for many sporting codes, weekends are taken up with finals instead of home inspections.

The impact these factors have on overall activity cannot be officially measured, but it’s reasonable to suggest they influence activity.

When we really look at it, the spring selling season is confined to just October and November as we then experience a fall away in activity in December as we approach the festive season.

David Airey

David Airey

David Airey is president of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia.

Perth David Airey

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