Mirvac continues westward along the Yarra with Wharf's Entrance

Mirvac continues westward along the Yarra with Wharf's Entrance
Mirvac continues westward along the Yarra with Wharf's Entrance

Wharf's Entrance will be the latest residential project marking Mirvac's westward journey along the southern bank of the Yarra River.

Due to begin construction in 2015, the four-hectare Wharf's Entrance site will comprise 246 residences, anchored by Forge, a 30 level apartment tower.

In addition to Forge's 228 apartments, seven Cargo home offices will be on offer, along with 11 Wharfside Residences - up market riverfront homes.

Wharf's Entrance is the fourth chapter of Mirvac's decade-long southside story, which began with the five tower Marina Precinct. Then came the Park Precinct, with the Yarra Point and Array towers, the second of which is still under construction, followed by the 82-home River Precinct.

“Wharf’s Entrance is the final piece of the puzzle at Yarra’s Edge and will cement the precinct as Melbourne’s premier waterfront living community,” said group executive residential for Mirvac, John Carfi.

“What we have created over the past 15 years is a neighbourhood of 2,500 people that values great design and embraces a lifestyle by the water, much like the world’s greatest cities do,” he said.

“We expect that as Wharf’s Entrance is the final offering in this community, demand for the final stage will be high.”

Mirvac continues westward along the Yarra with Wharf's Entrance

Mirvac's mark on the Yarra.

In total, the seven towers and River Precinct homes make up 1,244 residences, with 2,500 residents. When Wharf's Entrance is completed, there will be 1,490 Mirvac residences on the Yarra.

Delivering a community the size of a substantial regional town is a responsibility Mirvac design director Michael Wiener takes seriously. With Wharf's Edge, he worked to expand the diversity of apartments on offer, with standard small one bedroom apartments sharing a tower with larger "warehouse style" studio residences.

Following heavy public criticism of Melbourne's "soulless" Docklands precinct, Mirvac is tasked with creating residences that interact with the public and respond to the city's culture. To this end, Weiner has worked with materials that speak to Wharf's Entrance history, including recycled timber "totems" on the exterior. The lobby will feature a nod to the project's geography, with a fish tank populated with native "pre-contact" Yarra fish and flora.

The Forge tower will have winter gardens scattered over the northern city-facing side, with the smaller south facing apartments all including winter gardens. The apartments range in size from 50 square metres to 150 square metres.

Wharf's Entrance will also include a communal recreation facility at the base of the Forge tower, with a pool, gym and cafe open to the public. The Wharf's Landing sound garden will allow children to play with chimes, gongs and bells.

The Wharfside Residences, with four-bedrooms across four levels, range from 332 square metres to 493 square metres, including the balcony. They also include personal lifts.

Cargo Home, their home office design, will cover three levels with either three or four bedrooms and will range from 275 square metres to 354 square metres.

Carfi said the company was "thinking from a pedestrian perspective".

"When you think about Melbourne, you think about livability and 'walkability'," he said.

Mirvac will begin marketing Wharf's Entrance residences next month, with a schedule that includes so-called "tower hoppers" (repeat buyers), local buyers and offshore buyers, who represent about 30% of the Yarra's Edge customer base.

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