New South Wales underquoting petition hits 500 signatures

New South Wales underquoting petition hits 500 signatures
New South Wales underquoting petition hits 500 signatures

The petition begun by New South Wales buyer’s agent Patrick Bright asking for vendors to publish reserve prices a week out from auction to stamp out underquoting has reached 500 signatures.

This is a significant milestone for the petition, which was created in response to the underquoting claims making headlines after Queensland’s much-publicised debate, and now decision, to remove price guides entirely from auction real estate listings.

Bright told Property Observer that when the supporters for the petition reaches the 1,000 mark, he will be personally visiting Minister for Fair Trading, Matthew Mason-Cox, to discuss this proposal. You can see the proposal on the website here.

New South Wales underquoting petition hits 500 signatures

Noting that “Buyers right across Australia are sick of needlessly forking out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on pest and building inspections and legal fees when preparing for auction,” the petition notes that price guides are “more often than not significantly below the price a selling agent knows a property is likely to sell at and well below what the vendor would actually accept thereby enticing buyers to think they can afford a property that is well above their budget.”

“This is why I am advocating for a more transparent process where there is a legal requirement to advertise the reserve price seven days out from a property auction,” Bright explains.

New South Wales underquoting petition hits 500 signatures

Starting slow, and with discussion around the petition being ignored, it has gathered momentum in the past month to reach its current 501 signatories mark.

It has also encouraged a similar petition for Victoria from buyer’s agent Miriam Sandkuhler, who is asking for reserve prices to be published from “day one” of the campaign. While this has received criticism for the length of time required for the reserve price to be published, it has currently reached 284 signatures.

The act of publishing the reserve price seems to be largely supported by Property Observer readers, who voted on our poll with an 84.5% support for the concept earlier this year.



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Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

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