Alleged ABS insider trader spent $2.3 million on The Block Albert Park purchase - sale now in doubt

Alleged ABS insider trader spent $2.3 million on The Block Albert Park purchase - sale now in doubt
Alleged ABS insider trader spent $2.3 million on The Block Albert Park purchase - sale now in doubt

The young NAB dealing desk broker arrested in the alleged ABS insider trading case has been revealed as the investor buyer of one of the four apartments sold in the recent Channel 9 The Block series.

It was the luxury apartment decorated by the runner-up Adelaide twins, Alisa and Lysandra who were reduced to tears when their apartment sold at its 8 April auction for $2.375 million — a massive $616,000 above the reserve of $1.759 million.

3/47 O'Grady Street, ALBERT PARK  - Rental - Dingle Partners

NAB broker Lukas Kamay, who turned 26 on Anzac Day, has been accused of using insider Australian Bureau of Statistics information to make $7 million-plus by trading in the Australian dollar online over the past 10 months.

He was arrested on Friday after a joint investigation by the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Police allege Kamay, of Melbourne, used confidential ABS statistics to trade online, betting against foreign exchange derivative movements in the Australian dollar after allegedly being in receipt of national economic, retail trade and labour-force statistics before the normal 11.30am release.

After it was alleged Mr Kamay profited between August 2013 and May this year with around $7 million made from the trades, police froze assets including a $500,000 property, a $15,000 car - and $6.5 million in bank accounts.

The Sunday Herald Sun have uncovered Kamay's $2,375,000 purchase, which Property Observer believes along with the other sales in the block, has yet to settle.

The three bedroom apartment was marketed for Alisa and Lysandra, the former SA police officers, by the Melbourne CBD agents, Anton Wongtrakun and Rochelle Wilson from Dingle Partners.


Property Observer gleans it is now likely that settlement of apartment 3 at 47 O'Grady Street will not occur as expected by the production company, Watercress Productions with the 10% deposit likely to be subject to legal proceedings.

The twins were not the overall winners, so it will not affect the final result of the television renovation gameshow, and in all likelihood it will not affect their payout as the outcome of the auction night are likely to be honoured by Watercress and Channel 9.

There were six or seven competitive bidders on the apartment, according to one attending buyers' agent, Frank Valentic who was there for an intending buyer from Horsham. It appeared to be knocked down to another buyers' agent. The exact intended ownership of the apartment has yet to determined, according to News Ltd, as the ASIC and the AFP continue their investigation. It is possible the purchase was made through one of two companies directed by Kamay, L.A. Promotions Pty Ltd or Lukam Pty Ltd which was established in April this year.

There does not yet appear to be any caveat taken, as yet, over the asset by the AFP-led Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce, with events only coming to a head yesterday.

Kamay, who appeared briefly in court in Melbourne yesterday afternoon, arranged $500,000 in bail, agreeing to surrender his passport, and live with his parents at their 1000 square metre property in the Melbourne suburb of EAGLEMONTHe is due back in court on August 24 for a committal mention.

It appears Kamay secured the apartment as an investment property as Dingle Partners have it listed with a $2,500 weekly asking price, reflecting a gross 5.4% rental yield. 

It is advertised as available for rent from 26 May, presumably on its intended settlement. 

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FOR RENT    $2500 per week

26 May 2014


Rent per calendar month

The apartment was marketed as a cutting edge transformation over three state-of-the-art floors."The international standard warehouse inspired apartment fuses innovative interior design with bespoke style to create a spectacular inner city abode."

The four apartments were recently installed into a red brick former cinema turned office warehouse that was offloaded by a company associated with Lloyd Williams, the Melbourne property developer.

The Block Albert Park results were as follows:

  1. Steve and Chantelle, 1/47 O’Grady: $2.47 million ($636,000 above the adjusted reserve)
  2. Alisa and Lysandra, 3/47 O’Grady: $2.375 million ($616,000 above the adjusted reserve)
  3. Kyal and Kara, 2/47 O’Grady: $2.44 million ($567,250 above the adjusted reserve)
  4. Brad and Dale, 4/47 O’Grady: $2.31 million ($507,250 above the adjusted reserve)
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