Market is solid, but prepare for a Christmas slowdown

I think now is the time to issue a bit of a warning. This week we have hit the point where I anticipate the market will start to slow down a little.

Now don’t panic. I am not saying it will drop, nor will it stop, but the frantic pace of recent weeks will fall away.

With less than a month until Christmas it is inevitable that for some potential buyers the focus will shift from house shopping to Christmas shopping. Those people will have decided it is just too hard to keep pushing to find the perfect property before the holidays.

But as I said, for vendors it isn’t time to panic.

The market is solid right now. Even if a percentage of buyers withdraw there will remain a healthy percentage who will continue to engage in the hope they can secure a new house for Christmas, even if they can’t move in.

We have several auction scheduled over these last weeks before Christmas and interest is good.

Prices have been strong but not ridiculous which isn’t a bad thing as it reflects a very solid market platform.  With a few less vendors in the mix prices should hold, delivering a happy outcome for pre-Christmas buyers and sellers.

Ewan Morton is managing director of the Sydney based Morton & Morton.

Ewan Morton

Ewan Morton

Ewan Morton is managing director of the Sydney based Morton & Morton.

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