Ray White Rural welcomes NASCO Auctioneers into the group

Staff reporterJune 28, 20200 min read

The Ray White Rural network has welcomed Chris Goscomb, the owner and one of the senior auctioneers at NASCO Auctioneers.

For Brisbane-based Chris Goscomb, the former stock and station agent from Gunnedah NSW, he was attracted to the broad reach and scale of the fast growing rural network with key business owners in every state and territory of Australia.  

We’ve been on a good healthy growth path over the past six years, Mr Goscomb said. “Customers come to us if they want to buy or sell all kinds of stuff like machinery, vehicles, trucks, boats, tractors, plant and equipment.”  

NASCO conducts monthly auctions in Brisbane with their vendors typically being local and state government departments, finance groups, corporations, agriculture, rental companies, earth-moving and civil companies.  

They prioritise online technology which enables buyers to bid anywhere in the world via their smart device.

Ray White Rural Managing Director Stephen Nell said he was excited about the potential that NASCO Auctioneers offers the broader agricultural network. 

“NASCO will be natural extension of our business given our company sells a lot of rural property and clearing sales are quite often included in those listings. All our members will now have a referral to assist them when selling their clients farm machinery. For the disposal of fleet, agriculture and machinery items everyone outside of Queensland will know to go to NASCO."

Staff reporter

Ray White
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