What bargain buyers want the most: REA's Nerida Conisbee

What bargain buyers want the most: REA's Nerida Conisbee
What bargain buyers want the most: REA's Nerida Conisbee


As Australian house hunters wade through the economic uncertainties brought on by COVID-19, it seems many are hoping to stumble upon a bargain.

We are yet to see any dramatic shift in house prices despite some economists predicting increases as well as major price falls – some even say the falls are already occurring.

Nevertheless, house hunters appear to be preparing to strike when the iron is hot, which is evidenced in very high levels of buyer search activity on realestate.com.au during the health crisis.

They might get what they’re hoping for in spring when financial supports from the Federal Government and the banks – which are largely keeping the property market afloat – grind to a halt.

Characteristics Australians look for in properties under $400K

The average property seeker on realestate.com.au shows a strong preference for a house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and two car parks.

For those looking at cheaper homes – under $400K – houses are still preferred, but the greater availability of cheaper apartments means many will end up looking at apartments. Preferences for cheaper houses are three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one car park.

Perhaps the only consistency between both buyer types is air conditioning and secure parking, with these features being the most popular for both.

Beyond that, regular buyers show a much stronger preference for a swimming pool while bargain hunters are satisfied with built-in-robes.

Most in-demand affordable suburbs and properties

Every city has affordable suburbs, but Adelaide and Hobart top the list for the most in demand. Rosewater in Adelaide, only 10km from the Adelaide CBD and containing some lovely period homes, is currently the most in-demand affordable suburb in Australia.

Coming in at number two is New Town in Hobart where it might not be possible to purchase a house for under $400,000, but you can certainly get a unit. Not a bad price for waterside living. 

What bargain buyers want the most: REA's Nerida Conisbee

If $400,000 is out of the budget, and rural living isn’t an issue, an ultra-cheap one bed, one bath, and one car is available in Kadina – 150km from Adelaide – for $35,000. Marketed as unliveable and unsafe to walk through, the 950sqm of land may appeal.

NERIDA CONISBEE is the chief economist for the REA Group

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