Lower North Shore prestige buyers looking for family homes: HTW residential

Lower North Shore prestige buyers looking for family homes: HTW residential
Lower North Shore prestige buyers looking for family homes: HTW residential

Buyers in the prestige end of the market are generally looking at high-end finishes, views and proximity or frontage to the harbour, rivers or beaches, according to the latest Herron Todd White (HTW) residential report. 

The report said the rise of prestige units is also becoming popular amongst older prestige buyers looking to downsize out of the family home.

Within inner city Sydney, owner-occupiers in the prestige market segment generally spend in excess of $3 million and are looking for premium apartments and terraced or detached dwellings within the city or city fringe areas.

This demographic largely comprises of high income 30 plus year olds and high net worth individuals.

The range of factors impacting purchasing decisions within this market is large and varied.

"Generally, the more resilient properties incorporate some combination of an above average sized land component, views, car accommodation and period appeal," the valuation firm stated. 

"This demographic is particularly prominent in the inner eastern corridor of the city fringe (such as units around Hyde Park, Macquarie Street, Potts Point and along the harbour) as well as in terraced and detached houses in the suburbs of Paddington and Woollahra."

Buying a property with these factors in mind would ensure resilient pricing in calmer market conditions and premium results in stronger markets, HTW said. 

"When it comes to the prestige sector of the market on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, the list of must-haves can become very long and understandably so considering you are paying $5 million-plus for such a property.

"In saying that, like every price point in the market, there are limitations to what you can expect and sacrifices to make depending on price point."

There has been a good amount of recent sales activity in the prestige sector of the market in Northbridge on the Lower North Shore.

This is popular due to its central although secluded positioning and proximity to multiple highly-regarded schools.

The majority of purchasers in this area are families and therefore their property demands are very specific.

Fundamental must-haves for purchasing a prestige style home in Northbridge include a large quality family home comprising four to five bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and en suites and a high level of fit-outor recent renovation works for older, period style homes.

In addition to the must-haves of the residence, ancillary improvements are also very important, with a swimming pool and landscaped grounds highly sought after at this end of the market.

The consequence of the above mentioned must-haves is the need for an adequate amount of land to incorporate the improvements and this is usually in excess of 600 square metres.

An example of such a home is the recent sale of 2 Dorest Road, Northbridge (pictured below) which sold in April of this year for $5.12 million.

This is a completely renovated, high quality circa 1940 residence comprising five bedrooms and three bathrooms with an in ground swimming pool surrounded by landscaped grounds and situated on 746 square metres of land.

Lower North Shore prestige buyers looking for family homes: HTW residential

"This type of property ticks all the boxes for this sector of the market and provides an excellent example of the type of property demanded by these purchasers," HTW said. 

"In addition to the must-haves discussed above, there are always the would-like-to-haves which every potential purchaser desires and hopes to obtain at their price point."

In the suburb of Northbridge, the two attributes potentially available are water views and, less common, waterfront allotments.

The report suggests waterfront properties usually come at a significantly higher price point, although some steeply sloping sites with limited direct waterfront access may be available.

More common would-like-to-have attributes are water views, always dependent on the aspect and elevation of the property which can vary greatly.

Although expansive Middle Harbour and bay views are scarce, restricted and filtered water views are rather common and can be an added bonus and selling point for a prestige property in the area.

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