Sustainable architecture shaking up the Sydney property market: Wattblock’s top 40 eco apartments

Wattblock CEO Brent Clark reveals a list of the top 40 eco apartment buildings in Sydney and discusses sustainability
Sustainable architecture shaking up the Sydney property market: Wattblock’s top 40 eco apartments
Ed.Square, Edmondson Park. Image: Supplied
Max KwokJune 3, 2021

Wattblock, a group of independent strata sustainability specialists that partner with eight local councils on sustainability programmes, has released a list of the top 40 eco apartment buildings in Sydney.

The list, which features properties from Edmondson Park to Little Bay, highlight the apartments that are committed to sustainability and renewable energy.

Wattblock chief executive Brent Clark begun the list in response to a growing interest in sustainability from players in the property industry.

“In the last couple of years, we have been contacted by individuals looking to buy apartments in green buildings in Sydney [and] developers who want to create differentiation for their new apartment block when selling green developments off the plan,” he said.

This year, an apartment building had to possess at least a 16kW solar PV system to make the cut.

Frasers Property’s Ed.Square in Edmondson Park topped the list, thanks to its 2.5MW solar system, embedded network and geothermal air-conditioning, amongst other great features.

The new net-zero energy demand development is set to produce more energy than it consumes, with entry prices for the development as low as $490,000.

According to Clark, the choice to create an eco-apartment block is now often the most cost-effective, in addition to its carbon footprint reducing benefits.

“The reduction in the cost of environmental technology, things like solar panels, heat pumps, EV charge points has made these technologies economically viable”, he said.

Also featured high up in the list was Meadowbank’s Genesis project, by Sasco Developments.

The 58-residence apartment features 30kW solar, an embedded network, a UV warm water system, a green roof and solar-powered EV charging.

Clark commented on the importance of solar panels, and EV carshare for the exclusive use of apartment dwellers.

Cedar WoodsMelbourne project, Aster apartments at the Jackson Green masterplan, recently announced their collaboration with Ohmie Go to bring a Tesla Model 3 to its Clayton South project.

Although this is unsurprising as Melbourne has always been the first to make the shift towards more eco-conscious home buying, Wattblock said. Developments like Nightingale set the new benchmark for all of Australia.

“Sydney is now playing catchup”, Clarke added. “There is a niche for those who will take the eco-credentials of an apartment building into consideration, particularly for the early adopters of electric vehicles.”

Another feature that homebuyers should look out for when seeking an eco apartment is the green roof and barbeque area.

“[This] is a great addition to the community, particularly if it uses wi-fi connected smart irrigation and dynamically adjusts the watering schedule based upon local weather station data.

“We are also starting to see things like smart monitoring touchscreens being installed into each apartment”, said Clark.

“We have had a decade of education about sustainability now, so now is the time for action.”

Wattblock has been providing advice to over 1,000 strata apartment buildings on the eastern seaboard over the past seven years on how to retrofit their buildings.

You can read the full list of 40 apartments with each residences’ eco-friendly features on Wattblock or scroll below for the top 20, as determined by Wattblock CEO Brent Clark.

1. Ed.Square, Edmondson Park
2. Central Park, Chippendale
3. Genesis, Meadowbank
4. Generation W, Neutral Bay
5. Goldsbrough Apartments, Ultimo

6. Quay Grand, Sydney
7. The Orchards Norwest, Kellyville
8. Fleetview Apartments, Pyrmont
9. Revolution Apartments, Marrickville
10. Rina Apartments, Mascot

11. Zinc, Alexandria
12. Mindarie St Units, Lane Cove
13. The Burcham, Rosebery
14. Avanti Apartments, Hornsby
15. Aria Apartments, Waterloo

16. Regency, Chatswood
17. 8 John Tipping Grove, Penrith
18. 20 Newtown St, Alexandria
19. The Regency, Epping
20. Bay Gardens, Maroubra

Max Kwok

Max Kwok is a staff contributor at Based in Sydney, Max has previously worked at Property Observer where he specialised in content creation and editorial research.

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