The Block room reveals: Martyrs, mavericks and master bedrooms

The Block room reveals: Martyrs, mavericks and master bedrooms
The Block room reveals: Martyrs, mavericks and master bedrooms

Last night, The Block Glasshouse revealed the place where all the magic happens - the master bedrooms.

Each team unveiled their main bedroom and walk in robes in all their muted tone glory. As always, some fared better than others.

The judges raved over Maxine and Karsten's light and airy master offering, pictured below, awarding it 28 points out of a possible 30.

The Block room reveals: Martyrs, mavericks and master bedrooms

Judge Shaynna Blaze was particularly pleased with the room's pair of abstract orange paintings by Thierry B., even complimenting an apparently complimentary orange pillow that sat between them, despite her advice in previous seasons not to match furnishings entirely to artwork.

Interior designer Darren Palmer was a fan of the room's bronze mirror, while Belle Magazine's Neale Whitaker declared the space simple and elegant.

If Shaynna was impressed by Thierry's (not chocolate) orange, she was positively bananas for the seemingly banal detail of a laundry chute she found in a high-end, multi-storey apartment's walk in wardrobe. But we were informed that the concept had not occurred to any other contestant this season, and so Shaynna's reaction was deemed reasonable enough.

Carlene and Michael fared almost as well, with a score of 27.5 from the judges for their room pictured below. Unfortunately, half a point can cost you $10,000 on The Block. The couple remain the only team in the competition who have failed to win a round so far.

The Block room reveals: Martyrs, mavericks and master bedrooms

Despite the pokey size of their master bedroom, with a walk in robe that really didn't meet the definition (of no fault of their own), the judges were big fans of the room, with Darren Palmer saying it felt like a hotel suite and Shaynna calling it sexy. Neale was pleased with the amount of light the room invited, thanks to its position along the apartment's light void, and praised Carlene's bed dressing skills.

In third place came Simon and Shannon, with 27 points. Judges were impressed by the amount of space available in the room, the surplus of which the boys used as a small sitting area, with two chairs and a coffee table.  The room (pictured below) also had a bench running the length of the window which was wide enough to perch on while you read the paper.

The Block room reveals: Martyrs, mavericks and master bedrooms

Neale noted the clever architectural details the brother inject into every room, with this one featuring a false column and contrasting gyprock paneling to create visual interest on what otherwise would be a plain white space. Darren explained that those details are relatively cheap - budget renovators, take note.

The "biggest ever scandal on The Block" is barely worth mentioning - boy leaves phone under bed, records people who are already being recorded by someone else, gets in less trouble than a first time truant.

Darren and Dee were rushed away before the rooms could be revealed, due to their sick daughter. Host Scott Cam corralled the kind contestants together to help finish the room (pictured below) off in the D's absence. As he said, "family comes first, but also, The Block family comes first". Bob Day would be proud.

Darren and Dee's Block family didn't do too bad a job of it, with the judges awarding the couple 25 out of 30.

The Block room reveals: Martyrs, mavericks and master bedrooms

They were especially enamoured with the gas fireplace Darren and Dee installed in their room, a detail Shaynna said suited the couple's style thus far. What didn't suit their style was the walk in wardrobe, a tall (good) black (bad, next to their provincial white panelling) imposing (but still "sexy") offering. Unfortunately, the couple didn't pick up any points for matching their wardrobe to their neighbours' - every single walk in wardrobe this week was black.

But some wardrobes, and master bedrooms, were even more unpopular that Darren and Dee's. Chris and Jenna came in last place yet again this week, with 23 points for their room (pictured below). The couple were caught worshiping a golden calf in the form of a copper wall and neglecting other important details - for example, the exposed screws and so-called unimpressive materials in their walk in wardrobe, which Shaynna found disappointing given that Chris is a cabinet maker.

The Block room reveals: Martyrs, mavericks and master bedrooms

As for the overwhelming copper wall itself, the judges weren't too keen despite its high dollar value, with Neale noting that it made the other furnishings look cheap by comparison. Though the couple tried to up the luxe with timber floors, none of the three were particularly big fans, saying that plush carpet would have been a better choice against the metallic monster.

The couple countered with an accusation that the judges care more about cushions than architectural details, with no comments on their raked ceilings or exposed trusses. They might be onto something - after all, you can't sell a ceiling on The Block Shop.

This week, the teams tackle their stairs, laundry and powder room spaces.

All pictures courtesy of Channel 9.

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