Popcorn and property: Australia's third best home cinema in Perth Zorzi-built home

Alistair WalshJuly 31, 20120 min read

This 10-seat formal theatre room is part of a five-bedroom Dalkeith home, The Manhattan.

The house comes with a communications centre, separate casual and forming dining areas, a formal library and a full wet bar.

The brand new home was built by multi-award winning Zorzi Builders, who believe modern homes have at least one key theme dictating the design.

To some it is generalised as "entertainment", of either a resort feel with various bodies of water and lush landscaping, a "food lovers" paradise of kitchens and alfresco dining, or dedicated spaces for the enjoyment of music and film. Or, combinations of these elements and more.

Zorzi believes home theatres have replaced the television and radio sitting atop a piece of furniture in the lounge rooms of old.

The property has $10 million-plus hopes through Libby Bridge at Area Team Real Estate Subiaco.

Alistair Walsh

Deutsche Welle online reporter
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