One in 20 NSW rental properties advertised as pet friendly

One in 20 NSW rental properties advertised as pet friendly
One in 20 NSW rental properties advertised as pet friendly

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, however only one in 20 rental properties in New South Wales are currently being advertised as pet friendly, according to research from

Their survey of 70,000 rental properties and 100,000 pet resumes has found only five percent in NSW explicitly allow pets, despite over 60 percent of Australian households having pets. chief executive Greg Bader says it's a disappointing result.

“As a general rule, rental properties are not pet friendly, which is interesting as research consistently shows that the value of having pets is huge.

“With so many of us generally owning pets, it’s a real equity issue.”

Investors renting out their properties have long been on the cautious side when advertising the property as pet friendly, however aren't necessarily against pet ownership in their home.

The survey found that while only five percent of rental homes in NSW were advertised as pet-friendly, and 53 per cent banned pets, 43 per cent make no mention of pets.


A renting couple in Redfern secured the lease for a house without a pet, however noticed a dog flap leading from the kitchen into the outdoor courtyard.

They wrote to their property manager about enquiring whether they could get a pet dog, who passed it on to the property owner.

They said no problem within minutes of the e-mail being sent, despite the listing specifically stating no pets.

The Redfern/Chippendale and Potts Point/Woolloomooloo areas are dominated by renters, each with 65 percent of the population renting there, according to the Committee for Sydney.

One Potts Point renter who lives in a pet-friendly apartment with his two cavoodles says it’s appalling that so few are allowed to keep animals.

“I’m a renter with pets and a real estate agent as well, and it’s interesting as I feel that children do more damage to rental properties than pets do,” says James Garwood, 32, one of the directors of Garwoods Estate Agents.

“We see so many pictures drawn on walls and scuffed and worn-out finishes.

“But the behaviour of pets come down to their owners, and we recommend that property owners do allow pets where possible, particularly as they’ll get a higher rent of 5 to 10 per cent more. We had one renter with a dog spending $1200 a week on a pet-friendly, two-bedroom unit when he could have easily spent $760 on a unit just for himself.”


One in 20 NSW rental properties advertised as pet friendly's Greg Bader says that there is the chance of discussing the lease terms as the heat comes out of the market and the level of competition for properties fall.

Pet-owning tenants in NSW aren’t quite as hard done by as those in Victoria, however, where only two percent of properties were advertised as pet friendly, but are eclipsed by the national average figure of 10 per cent indicating pets are allowed.

The Victorian government recently introduced changes to tenancy laws that are expected to allow pets automatically in rentals except in exceptional circumstances.

Vet Mark Perissinotto, managing director of VetShopAustralia, says landlords should think about how their property could be suitable for different types, breeds and sizes of pets.

“We’d advise them to consider providing guidance to would-be tenants on what the property can and cannot support,” Dr Perissinotto says. “It’s about understanding the size of the property, its locality to parks and other areas a pet can run free.”

From a real estate perspective, Mr Garwood, who lives with Poppi and Chelsea in his apartment, believes NSW property owners should be allowed to levy a pet bond – as operates in some other states – to reassure themselves about any damage that could be caused.

“But a lot of pets come these days with great references and their past history recorded, and their owners often have very strong rental applications,” he says. “They can make excellent tenants.”



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