Why you are the best person to sell your home: buyMyplace Colin Keating

Why you are the best person to sell your home: buyMyplace Colin Keating
Why you are the best person to sell your home: buyMyplace Colin Keating


We’ve just entered what is traditionally the busiest time of the year for selling and it’s going to be a tough season. Property markets are cooling causing an increasingly tight and competitive market for those looking to sell. To achieve the best possible price in the current environment it is essential that sellers have greater control and visibility over the entire sales process – but how do you do this when you’re not actually in control?

Doing it yourself (DIY), is the best way to position yourself at the centre of a sale, and achieve the best outcome for you. You are actually the best person to sell your home as only you have your best interests at heart.

The benefits of selling, yourself

I’ve often heard that vendors believe they need a professional to facilitate the sale of their largest asset. My response to that is with that much at stake, shouldn’t you, the seller, maintain control? It’s a level of transparency that is very difficult to achieve with an agent, though can be achieved by taking the property to market yourself.

North America and Europe boast a significant portion of the market as DIY sales, with 23% of homes sold privately in Canada, 9% in the USA, and 44% in France. This sees vendors successfully transacting directly with the buyer market, realising the significant benefits of control, visibility and savings on commission. Whether selling yourself or engaging an agent, information is power.

Dedicated service

As the vendor, you are selling one property – your property. You have only one motivator; to sell your property at the best possible price. This means you can choose when you have open for inspections whether it’s during the week, after work, on weekends – it is completely up to you. You won’t need to limit potential buyers to a quick 30 minutes on a Saturday afternoon or the middle of the day when everyone is working.

Property knowledge

Agents will tell you no one knows local real estate like they do, and when it comes time to market the property, vendors are asked to leave their property so as not to “scare off” any potential purchasers. However, no one knows your property and your street like you do. You will always have a knowledge advantage over any agent, whether it be electricity costs, sunniest spot in the garden, or Joe across the road who keeps an eye on the place when you go on holidays – buyers love to hear these insider details from you.

Further, sellers are reliant on agents to tell them how many people attended, how many are interested and how many requested a copy of the sec. 32 etc. You never actually get the chance to engage with interested parties as they’re the property of the agents – agents who are not only responsible for the sale of your home, but the raft of other properties on their books.

Open for inspections continue and interest builds, still, the vendor has no contact with these ‘interested’ parties. The entire sales process is in the hands of the agent, a person who hasn’t slept a single night in the home and doesn’t know the unique benefits and quirks of both the property and the surrounding environment which make for outstanding sales attributes.

Money, money, money

The costs you will need to pay an agent upon the successful sale of your property can vary – often between 1.8 and 3 percent of the sale price. On a $600,000 home, that’s almost $20,000 you need to pay out of the sale of your home, out of your pocket. That’s a lot of money that could go to better use.

Immediate response to buyers

Provided you give them the privacy to look around, buyers appreciate the opportunity to ask questions of the owner directly, rather than filtering through an agent which draws out the process. You can manage open for inspections well by giving a quick outline of the house layout and advising buyers to come to you should they have any questions. Invariably the buyers have queries, whether it’s about recent renovations or a tree in the backyard so best to deal with these efficiently, and honestly.


Negotiation is often the major hurdle between choosing an agent or the DIY path due to the fear factor. However, it isn’t as complicated as it seems. By choosing to DIY you are able to be honest about your needs, and buyers can be honest about their own. In my experience, vendors who have elected to DIY report the process is less combative than it is using agents as the go-between. And when a rapport has been established between buyer and seller, it can make negotiation a pleasant and friendly experience.

If this isn’t for you, then there are services that can be offered where a professional can handle the negotiation component of the sale for you.

Overall, many first time DIY sellers advocate the experience as being a lot of fun. Being complimented on your home as well as achieving an agreement on price provides a huge sense of accomplishment and joy. Not to mention what can be done with the thousands of dollars saved in agent commissions.

Colin Keating is the CEO buyMyplace


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