Speed of property activity ramping up as the young take charge: Avdiev

Speed of property activity ramping up as the young take charge: Avdiev
Speed of property activity ramping up as the young take charge: Avdiev

The property industry is buzzing, with subscribers to the Avdiev Property Remuneration Report 2018 suggesting business conditions are better than ever in 2018.

97% of subscribers to the Avdiev Report are doing well or very well, none are doing badly, according to Avdiev.

Rita Avdiev, managing director of the Avdiev Group, says the speed of property activity is ramping up.

“From a slow start in January, companies expect to be flat out till Christmas and beyond”.

Property salary rises are up again, well above the general workforce 1.8% (ABS) and CPI 1.9 percent increases.

The juniors are doing best in the pay stakes, especially in development, design and building.

The report found that shortages of competent staff with desirable skills and attitudes are keenly felt by employers.

The young are outpacing their seniors in the race for remuneration rises.

“The young are the future of the industry” says Avdiev.

”Recognized and rewarded at last, they are pushing the boundaries, bypassing old hierarchies and may bring some much needed change into attitudes and working relationships of the 21st Century.”

The RBA no longer frets about the property bubble. Its new focus is on Australia's fast growing economy, expecting the flow on effect of rising company profits to lift pay levels in the general workforce this year. 

The report found that the commercial sector is set to provide the most work, with competition forcing retail assets into redevelopment.

A solid two year pipeline of work is predicted, most from the commercial sector with foreign fund inflow, asset growth and capital raisings the source. 

The Avdiev Property Industry Remuneration Report © is published annually in March.

It is the product of a formal Australia wide survey of property, investment, construction employers and built environment related consulting companies. It gives vital information on current remuneration ...

Joel Robinson

Joel Robinson

Joel Robinson is a property journalist based in Sydney. Joel has been writing about the residential real estate market for the last five years, specializing in market trends and the economics and finance behind buying and selling real estate.

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