Never rely on a selling agent's estimate of renovated value: Patrick Bright

Never rely on a selling agent's estimate of renovated value: Patrick Bright
Never rely on a selling agent's estimate of renovated value: Patrick Bright


When renovating for profit, never rely on a selling agent’s estimate of renovated value.

Buyers should do their own research to establish the ceiling price of fully-renovated properties in the suburbs they are looking to buy.

You can’t rely on selling agents to give you an accurate estimate of the renovated value of a property.

Not only is it in their nature to be very bullish with sale prices as no one wants to list their property for sale with a pessimist; it’s also in their clients’ financial interest for them to be bullish.

They want to paint the property in the best possible light to encourage you to make an offer on it. 

The other problem is that it’s also an unqualified estimate as they may interpret what you intend to do with the property as more high end than you are actually planning.

Many property experts are predicting that unrenovated houses will be the most sought-after property purchases in 2017 as buyers shy away from an oversupply of new apartment buildings.

Those properties in need of renovation will be even more popular this year especially if they are livable, allowing DIY renovators to move in and reside onsite whilst undertaking renovation works over time.

When you’re renovating for profit, adding value is the name of the game.

Unfortunately you can’t add unlimited value to a property because there is a limit as to what the market will pay no matter how good it looks.

Once a home has reached its ceiling price for the accommodation it offers, buyers will not pay more.

When you’re undertaking comparable market analysis you need to establish the ceiling price of fully renovated properties that are similar to the ones you’re targeting.

Be mindful of the top values and resist the temptation to overspend.

Tips when searching for an unrenovated property:

  1. Get to know the price difference between renovated and unrenovated properties in your chosen area so you know what you can spend and still not overcapitalise.
  2. Find out which streets to avoid and the unique pockets that attract higher prices.
  3. Understand the value of desirable features: parking, views, proximity to shops, schools, parks and public transport.
  4. Get lots of ideas for improvements for your property by looking at the features of other homes that are for sale.


Patrick Bright is the Director of buyer’s agency EPS Property Search and can be contacted here.

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