launch Energy Scores for residential property launch Energy Scores for residential property launch Energy Scores for residential property have launched Energy Scores, which will for the first time give properties in Australia their own energy efficiency rating.

The tool will give property seekers an indication of how energy efficient their next home could be.

It allows homeowners to better understand energy usage, associated costs and where they could potentially reduce their energy expenditure.

There is also the option for Australians to ‘claim’ their own home, either as an owner or renter, and input more information about their own energy usage to refine the score.

Refined Energy Scores provide users with a more detailed breakdown and analysis of their own energy usage habits. launch Energy Scores for residential property

As energy costs continue to rise across Australia, 76 percent of users surveyed recently say they are concerned about the cost of electricity, while 79% state that they are actively trying to conserve energy as much as they can1.

To create Energy Scores, partnered with Tendril, a global expert in data analytics and home energy modelling.

REA Group chief digital officer Henry Ruiz said they know the important of energy efficiency in the home.

"We know that being energy efficient is essential to running any household, and yet it's something we don't often think about other than when we're paying our bills," he said.

"We’re working towards providing a rich view of every property on

"Energy Scores may offer deeper insights into the energy efficiency of a property, helping Australians make more educated decisions on their next purchase or rental, or even improve the home they already live in.”

Hunter Albright, Tendril senior vice president of new markets said the company are excited to work with on this global first.

"We think this approach will provide an engaging experience while educating people on how their homes use energy and the steps they can take to be more efficient," he said.

“ Energy Scores will enable consumers to better understand energy usage, potential running costs and how to implement potential energy savings.”

To sign up for Energy Scores click here.

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