Property 101: Smoke alarm sends notifications to smartphones

Property 101: Smoke alarm sends notifications to smartphones
Property 101: Smoke alarm sends notifications to smartphones

A new app linking a smoke alarm to your smartphone has been released using a lithium battery and advanced Wi-Fi in a 9V package.

North America company, Roost, said the Roost Smart Battery, requires a retrofit to existing smoke alarms. 

The device includes a Wi-Fi chip, microprocessor and a sensor that wakes up when an alarm sounds.  When this occurs, the battery communicates via Wi-Fi to the Roost Cloud, then a notification is sent to the user’s Smartphone, where the Roost free app is active.

Roost Distributor Julieanne Worchurst said this innovative battery is in line with the growing international trend toward smarter digital solutions.

“Not only are we all utilising technology to create smarter solutions in the workplace, a similar approach is being introduced to solutions for the home, resulting in safer, more comfortable home environments too,” she said.

“The benefits from this intuitive design are numerous. For instance, Roost Smart Battery technology will deliver notifications direct to your Smartphone whilst you are at work or on holiday. You also have the ability to ensure other family members or neighbours are notified on their mobile too, so they can act on your behalf in the event of an emergency,” she said. 

“Many factors in the home could be an accident waiting to happen; for example, precarious climbing on top of furniture items to disengage a smoke alarm that is beeping at 3am indicating a battery change, or when the smoke alarm sounds whilst cooking. The Roost Smart Battery enables the resident to disengage the battery using the Smartphone app instead.”

 “Simply download our Roost app, connect to your home Wi-Fi, and then insert the Roost Smart Battery into an existing 9V smoke alarm. We’ve chosen to apply the Roost Smart Battery to smoke alarms first because quite simply they are the most important devices to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones.”

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