Property 101: Resident managers prepare: schoolies is coming

Property 101: Resident managers prepare: schoolies is coming
Property 101: Resident managers prepare: schoolies is coming


Wilful damage to property, overcrowding, excessive noise and underage drinking are just some of the recurring problems unit owners and resident managers face each year during Schoolies Week.

We urge resident managers to prepare for the notorious party week in advance, by establishing clear ground rules and adopting a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for misbehaviour.

Schoolies could be an incredibly stressful time for unit owners and resident managers, but preparation helped to calm the schoolies jitters’.

Body corporates should establish a list of well-defined schoolies ‘house rules’ to discourage misconduct ahead of celebrations.

To reduce the risk of damage, unit owners should revisit their behaviour management plan and lay down clear ground rules and mitigation strategies for school leavers to follow.

These rules outline what will and will not be tolerated by property managers and should be shared with school leavers as soon as possible to ensure they have ample time to review them before the excitement and anticipation kicks in.

It is integral for property managers to work with graduates and their parents to ensure clear boundaries are set from the get-go outlining what behavior is and is not acceptable.

We strongly encourage parents to contact the accommodation provider to discuss the rules, regulations and security measures being implemented to protect their child.

It’s important that both graduates and their parents understand the protocols and emergency procedures prior to arriving.

One of the biggest priorities for school leavers was having their bond refunded, after dishing out large deposits to cover any potential damages.

Any damage made to the room or contents during Schoolies Week will come out of the bond. Consequently, if school leavers accidently damage the property, the best approach is to notify the accommodation provider right away.

School leavers who want to get their bond back should inspect their room upon arrival and report any damages as soon as possible to the accommodation provider, taking photos as a record where necessary.

Tenants should be attentive during the check-out inspection and remember to obtain a receipt from their accommodation provider, as well as asking when their bond will be refunded.

Accommodation providers are required to have a complaint handling process and school leavers are entitled to lodge a written complaint if they feel that they have been treated unfairly.

If a resolution cannot be reached, a formal complaint can be made to the Office of Fair Trading by calling 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

To ensure school leavers behave responsibly and to achieve a harmonious outcome for all involved, I encourage property managers to enforce the following ‘house rules’:

  •   No glass bottles in the room or pool area (bag checks can be carried out by onsite security)

  •   Maximum of two external guests permitted to the room at any given time, with identification held at reception (this restricts the likelihood of parties)

  •   Pool rules and restrictions (no access after 9pm)

  •   Secure rooftops to prohibit ‘dangerous stunts’

  •   Zero tolerance policy for misbehavior on balcony’s

  •   Noise must be kept to a minimum


  •   Dangerous behaviour will be dealt with by police.
Queensland schoolies celebrations commence from 19 November, 2016. 
Grant Mifsud is partner, Archers the Stata Professionals and can be contacted here.
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