Property 101: Surging apartment construction is driving growth across multiple states

Property 101: Surging apartment construction is driving growth across multiple states
Property 101: Surging apartment construction is driving growth across multiple states

The multi-unit apartment and townhouse construction industry has reached record highs over the past five years, however, volatile conditions have led to mixed results for many construction firms according to IBISWorld's Top 500 Private Companies list for 2016.

Anthony Kelly, IBISWorld senior industry analyst said construction features prominently in IBISWorld’s Top 500 Private Companies list for 2016, with the list featuring 57 construction companies, including three companies in the top 20: BGC, Meriton Apartments and Hutchinson Builders.

He said year-on-year revenue growth for the 57 listed construction companies varied widely, from growth of 327.5 percent to a decline of 49.1 percent, reflecting a tumultuous year in construction.

“Despite the industry’s bright outlook, revenue is expected to slump by 17.3% over the current year as investors hold off on new developments to allow recently added stock to be absorbed,” he said. 

“Recent additions of new apartment stock have exceeded immediate housing requirements, and vacancy rates have climbed in several major markets, particularly in Melbourne and Brisbane. The decline in activity also reflects the anticipated completion of several major projects during 2016-17.

"Multi-unit residential commencements are forecast to surge from 2019-20 onwards as more projects are brought to the start-up phase. Foreign investment in apartment developments, particularly from investors in China, Singapore and Hong Kong, is likely to support this growth.

 “The Australian market is expected to remain attractive for foreign investors, especially as the value of the Australian dollar is anticipated to remain low.

The top five private construction companies for growth in this year’s list include Central Equity, Lipman, Mainbrace Constructions, Pellicano Builders and Burbank Australia, which have displayed revenue growth of between 327.5 percent and 51.8 percent over the past year.

According to the report, apartments have captured an increasing share of total residential building commencements over the past five years, particularly for inner-city multistorey apartment complexes. These projects are expected to make up 39.7 percent, or $6.9 billion, of the industry’s total revenue of $17.4 billion in 2016-17.

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