NSW Central Coast houses at top of market: HTW property clock

NSW Central Coast houses at top of market: HTW property clock
NSW Central Coast houses at top of market: HTW property clock

The NSW Central Coast house market was peaking, according to the latest HTW property clock.

Horsham is the another city to now sit at the peak.

Melbourne, Newscatle and Dubbo remain at the peak. 

HTW suggest the Central Coast’s strong market in 2015 was undoubtedly underpinned by Sydney based buyers finding themselves unable to compete in the Sydney market.

"This resulted in better than average rises in property values across the region," HTW suggested.

Although afte a strong period leading to October, the year ended with a 'bit of a whimper" for the region’s market.

"Sales volumes fell somewhat and we really didn’t see any continuing increases in values.

What HTW did notice however was:

• The sudden departure of Asian buyers having a noticeable effect on sale volumes;

• Purchase prices being nearer and sometimes below indicated asking prices as opposed to new records being set every other day;

• Buyers being a little more selective and acting with slightly less urgency;

• The much hyped talk of new residential unit developments in Gosford and other regionally significant developments falling away on whispers that presales and interest were less than expected and project finance was difficult to secure;

• Increased positivity in the retail sector that had been missing for the past several end of year periods.

HTW anticipate if previous property cycles are to be repeated, then the region’s market will be slowing as one property cycle ends and another starts.

"We have felt the market has been at its peak for some time now and a slowdown around the corner, but the peak lasted longer than we expected.

"This is the main difference between this cycle which has been building slowly by comparison over several years and is more controlled as opposed to previous cycles which experienced faster rises over shorter periods.

"Confidence in the market is a good thing, but we think that 2016 should be a year where buyers and investors will need to be more pragmatic and research especially well.

HTW think that while some of the region’s 160 suburbs will see a fall in values this year, most will continue to trade close to or near current values, but with reduced volumes.

Areas likely to see a drop in value will be those where values increased well beyond levels that we as valuers were comfortable with.

"This include areas such as Umina Beach and Woy Woy where values have risen extraordinarily (between 47% and 49% over the past three years) to the point where they are now in direct competition with some Sydney suburbs and a wane in demand seems inevitable as buyers switch their attention to other suburbs.

"It may also be time to be wary of Wyoming and Kariong where residential values have risen quite significantly (upwards of 10% over a twelve month period) and need time to settle down again.

"Something for buyers to be wary of is the unit market in Gosford where close to 700 units have been approved recently.

"Many sites are still in the pre-construction phase and if too many start and finish in a short time frame, then we will no doubt be in an oversupply situation which tends to play havoc with the market."

HTW suggest another sign that confidence has returned to the market is the presence of buyers at the higher end of the region’s value range.

"Absent for some time, some say the return of these buyers provides a restorative factor in the market.

"Suburbs likely to see increased levels of popularity and well worth watching include Pearl Beach, Avoca Beach, Narara, Niagara Park, Bateau Bay and Budgewoi.

"These are suburbs that inexplicably seem to have escaped the attention of buyers during the recent period of increased market activity.

"Two areas well worth a watch and act approach include Woongarrah and Hamlyn Terrace.

"These are suburbs considered attractive to a range of purchasers including first home buyers, young families, commuters and investors due to their affordability levels and good local infrastructure." 

Canberra apartments have joined the other capitals, Brisbane and Melbourne at a market peak in February, according to the latest HTW property clock.


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Jonathan Chancellor

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