Is there a right season to sell? ME Bank's Patrick Nolan

Is there a right season to sell? ME Bank's Patrick Nolan
Is there a right season to sell? ME Bank's Patrick Nolan


Timing can be everything when it comes to buying or selling homes and your ability to secure a great price for your home, or even attract multiple buyers, can hinge on the time of year.

Spring is widely regarded as the ideal time to sell property. Warmer weather attracts buyers onto the streets and into open home inspections; our gardens tend to look their best in spring; and many buyers want to be settled in their new home in time for the looming festive season.

Don’t despair however if you are selling your home at a different time of year. The seasons don’t always dictate the best outcome. Indeed, selling in spring may deliver the best price for your current home but it could also mean competing with more buyers for your next property – and that can mean paying a higher price.

Think beyond spring

The geography of your home can be a contributing factor to the ideal time to sell. In hot or humid areas for instance, your property may be more appealing during the cooler months. Or your home may have particular features like an open fireplace or underfloor heating that are best showcased during the cooler months. 

Remember too, with potentially fewer buyers around in winter or autumn, you could enjoy faster turnaround times on professional services like your solicitor or conveyancer. If you are selling in winter, be sure to choose inspection times when your home’s interior receives maximum sunlight.

Focus on the key drivers

Should the season influence whether – and precisely when – you list your house for sale or buy another home? Perhaps. But other factors deserve higher priority, like whether your home is ready to be shown to buyers; whether you have the time to prepare your home for weekend inspections; and whether you have discussed home loan options with your lender to develop a buying budget for your next place.  

These are the key drivers that should really determine the ‘right’ time for you to start your buying and selling activity.


Patrick Nolan is head of home loans for industry super fund-owned bank ME. You can contact Patrick here.

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