Property 101: 10 tips to make your rental property more appealing

Property 101: 10 tips to make your rental property more appealing
Property 101: 10 tips to make your rental property more appealing

When looking for a new house to lease, most renters will spend several weeks, if not months, searching for properties online and inspecting them in person.

This time spent researching makes renters very discerning as to what makes a desirable property and there are certain features they will actively seek out.

In addition to these sought-after features, Shane Goldfarb, who recent helped establish the new McGrath agency after years at Hodges St Kilda, says there are some simple tips landlords should be aware of in order to increase the desirability of their rental property, not to mention the quality of tenants and potentially the rent price. His ten tips landlords should know in order to make your rental property more appealing.


It’s important as a landlord to remember that your target audience is renters. While an investor might be interested in certain features, your aim is to appeal to tenants, who typically want somewhere that is comfortable, low-maintenance and good value for money.


Investing in professional photography rather than taking your own photos of your property will instantly increase its desirability. When renters are researching dozens of properties online, properties with clear, professional photos will always catch the eye first and give renters the impression that the property, like the photos, is of a high quality. Also, these photos can be reused, creating greater return on the small investment required.


It may seem like stating the obvious, but presentation matters. Simple measures come inspection time, such as ensuring the house has been freshly cleaned, including carpets steam cleaned if necessary, will help to ensure your property is leased quickly. 


A discerning renter, the type you should most want to attract, will be more likely to apply for property that has high quality fittings and fixtures such as stainless steel in the kitchen and bathrooms.


It should never be underestimated what a fresh coat of pain can do for a property, particularly one that is maybe on the old and tired side. Stick to neutral, timeless colours like whites and creams to ensure they will be compatible to all tenants tastes and not require regular repainting over the years.


For many tenants central air conditioning is considered a crucial feature and can be the deciding factor between two very similar properties. 

Whilst installing air conditioning might seem like a significant investment at the time, a quality unit should last many years, making the initial outlay worthwhile when compared with years of consistent rental income.


Similar to central air conditioning, a dishwasher is increasingly considered a must-have amenity. Likewise with central air conditioning, the initial investment will be offset by the premium prices that can be charged for having this feature.


Simple improvements to the outdoor area, whether it be a backyard or courtyard, can make a world of difference. A functional outdoor area acts as an additional room and entertaining space.  If previous tenants have consistently failed to maintain the garden or lawn, it could be worth neatly paving the space to ensure it stays presentable and functional.


When leasing a property that has shared facilities, ensure that the owners corporation are on top of cleaning, gardening and maintenance of communal areas. These areas are extensions of your property and a tenant may choose an alternate property or choose to move if the owners corporation do not keep the areas clean and well maintained.


The advice and professionalism of a quality property manager can be invaluable. If you are time poor or unsure what to look for in a tenant or how the leasing process works, do your research and engage in a reputable property manager. They will ensure you have reliable tenants that maintain your property and increase your chances of consistent rental income. 


For more from Shane Goldfarb, click here.

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