How to best use your self-managed super fund to invest in property

How to best use your self-managed super fund to invest in property
How to best use your self-managed super fund to invest in property

How can the astute property investor combine the benefits of low tax in super and the benefits of leverage? 

Superannuation’s prime responsibility is to provide a member with retirement income. With increasing regularity people are seeing their superannuation funds declining either from poor investments or spiralling costs. To get more control many people are moving to self-managed superannuation. 

Since mid-2007 self-managed superannuation funds have had the ability to invest in property, with bank debt.  Many see investing in property as less volatile, unlikely to reduce in value over time and importantly as an asset that is in limited supply and one that everyone needs. Thus market values (capital and rents) are more likely to grow over time. 

Property in a SMSF allows investors to accumulate property using bank debt that will be tax free in pension stage for both rental income and any capital gains on sale. At the same time, it allows the full benefits of negative gearing at the individual’s marginal tax rates while still working. This is like having multiple tax-free principal places of residences. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? 

Many people argue that with leveraged property in a super fund there is less likelihood of an overall loss of superannuation, as the ability to borrow to increase the asset size allows more funds to be accumulated and grow in a less volatile asset class than maybe shares.

Ken Raiss is a certified accountant and director of Chan & Naylor national accounting firm. Ken’s experience lies in working with large publically listed multi-national companies, which gives Ken excellent insight into international market trends. Ken specialises in educating “mum and dad” property investors and small business owners with advice on wealth creation, asset protection, taxation, superannuation and compliance.




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