Community housing crisis to peak at a million homes

Community housing crisis to peak at a million homes
Community housing crisis to peak at a million homes


Australia is facing a community housing crisis with 650,000 dwellings needed to meet the shortfall, according to the Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA).

We are calling on federal and state governments to support the desperate need for community housing with an estimated 12,000 Australians living in unsuitable accommodation for their needs.

This is a result of decades of inadequate investment.

The current construction rate of community homes sits at just over 3,000 per year, which does not even keep pace with the growing need, much less deal with the backlog of people who are waiting for accommodation that meets their requirements.

CHIA predicts Australia will have a gap of 1 million community homes in 20 years.

We're exploring additional community housing opportunities in Logan to help meet the huge demand.

If we can create community homes that support the tenants, not just physically, but by allowing them to feel connected, then the surrounding area will reap the social and economic benefits.

In partnership with Compass Housing, investLogan is delivering two, three-bedroom homes in Marsden that meet NDIS requirements and will also provide facilities for a Supported Independent Living Provider to be on site.

I want to see a shift in the stigma around community housing.

There is a mentality that community housing breeds problematic residents, but a study by Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute has found that community housing done properly is beneficial to the surrounding community.

Community houses are typically pushed together and situated on the outskirts of a city or town, far from public transport, employment hubs, schools or social spaces.

This approach to community housing does create a sense of isolation for the residents who feel as though they aren’t a part of a welcoming community. The locational disadvantage can, in some cases, lead to drug abuse, crime and so on.

However, if we can reduce that feeling of isolation by planting community homes into central areas that have access to key amenity, it will give residents independence.

That independence has been proven to build personal empowerment, promote community participation, cooperation and involvement.

investLogan has committed to delivering exemplar community dwellings, strategically located across the city and is currently looking at other potential sites, including one in Slacks Creek for a future housing development.

Access to safe and appropriate housing is a fundamental human need, and not something that we can afford to overlook.

Medy Hassan is a director at investLogan, an independent property development and investment company that is 100 per cent owned by the Logan City Council.

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