The Search People to offer home buyers cheaper property settlement services

The Search People to offer home buyers cheaper property settlement services
The Search People to offer home buyers cheaper property settlement services


Prospective Australian home buyers can breathe a sigh of relief, with industry experts predicting a drop in the costs associated with property settlement after the launch of new legal technology provider, The Search People.

The entry of the first low-cost player in the Australian market offers an alternative to the notoriously expensive options that currently dominate the legal technology landscape.

Numerous participants in the current technology market hold legal and conveyancing professionals hostage, with few providers offering a comprehensive suite of market-leading technology at an affordable price.

The current price of some property information and legal technology providers is, to be quite honest exorbitant, and it’s consumers who suffer.

Lawyers and conveyancers are forced to pass on the high cost of this information and technology during the settlement process.

Many of these buyers have already spent years saving for a deposit, and then have to spend thousands on the settlement process – it’s understandably disappointing.

Professionals that choose The Search People to fulfil their technology and information needs can avoid high fees charged by other providers, and pass on this cost saving to consumers, making the Australian dream more achievable than ever before.

We are proudly offering the best technology at an affordable price to disrupt the market and bring benefits to legal professionals and consumers alike.

Consumers currently have two main ways to pay for property settlement services, and they should expect a reduction in costs under both payment models.

The first option is for consumers to pay a lump sum plus the cost of property search fees to a lawyer, who manages the property purchasing process on the buyer’s behalf.

The other option is for buyers to pay an all-inclusive price, which covers the conveyancer’s fees and includes the cost of property search fees.

Regardless of which option buyers choose, they should see a reduction in costs if they choose to engage a professional that uses The Search People.

Our technology provides legal and property professionals with the opportunity to gain a competitive edge and offer a lower price, so take advantage of this and shop around.

Don’t be afraid to seek out a deal – consumers benefit the most from increased competition, and we are determined to stand up against the predatory behavior that has been accepted in the industry for so long.

For buyers, that means more money in their pockets to pay off their mortgage sooner or furnish their new home.

Rafe Berding is the CEO of The Search People, an Australian technology provider offering online access to 5,000+ legal searches and access to the latest industry innovations, including electronic conveyancing, digital signing and Verification of Identity tools.

It is backed by leading technology company GlobalX and leverages the latest innovations available in the market.

To find out more about The Search People, click here.

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