Cedar Woods announces new apartments for Williams Landing

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Cedar Woods announces new apartments for Williams Landing

To cater to the continuous demand for housing in Melbourne, Cedar Woods has just announced a fourth apartment complex will be added to their Williams Landing portfolio. The percentage of medium-density housing in Melbourne’s outer-ring suburbs has seen a 5% increase over the last 12 months, with more than 3,423 residents moving to Williams Landing between 2011 and 2016.

Lincoln Apartments has been designed by DKO Architecture with the  aim of creating 125 affordable apartments without compromising quality. The nine-level residential building will be the largest residential development to be built in the City of Wyndham to date – an area which has been identified as one of Australia’s fastest growing municipalities. One-bedroom residences will be available from $325,000 and two-bedroom residences will be an additional $70k, at just $395,000.

Cedar Woods announces new apartments for Williams Landing
The interiors of Lincoln Apartments. Image: Cedar Woods

“As our population continues to grow, we have witnessed a growing demand for apartments in suburbs not traditionally associated with high-rise living, and this is a trend we expect to see continue. Our Williams Landing Town Centre, which offers residential apartments alongside new retail and other employment opportunities, demonstrates how local amenity is supporting the suburban population growth.”

- Lloyd Collins, Cedar Woods State Manager via News.com.au

The development is conveniently located within direct freeway access, which gives residents the flexibility to commute to the city in only 25 minutes. Neighbourhood parks, eateries, retail outlets and sports facilities will be developed within the precinct, providing Melbourne’s west with a central social and commercial hub. An earlier Williams Landing development 'Lancaster apartments' sold out within 7 months of launch, which further endorses the need for an increase in medium-density properties across Victoria. Professor Greg Clark, co-author of ‘Creating Great Cities’ explained that rather than spreading outwards, we need to focus on “high-amenity, medium density, multipolar metropolitan living supported by great public transport.”

Apartments are becoming a desirable option for those seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle with the convenience of multiple amenities available at your doorstep.

“We see a general group of buyers who don’t want to have the maintenance of a house. There’s a mix of families, first-home buyers and downsizers taking them on. There’s more to life these days than mowing the lawn on the weekend.”

- Patrick Archer, Cedar Woods State Manager

Lincoln apartments will commence construction this year.

Cedar Woods announces new apartments for Williams Landing
Lincoln Apartments features a residents' rooftop. Image: Cedar Woods

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