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Cnstrct seeks to simplify the way buildings are designed and built

Cnstrct seeks to simplify the way buildings are designed and built

Cnstrct is a platform designed by architects - for architects, fusing high-quality design, offsite manufacturing and technology to simplify the design-and-build process worldwide.

The brainchild of architect-builder Joel Hutchines, the tech startup’s free software platform aims to put architects in the driver’s seat, revolutionizing the design and construction of buildings while resolving the inefficiencies that have plagued these industries for decades., according to Hutchines.

Cnstrct’s concept taps into Hutchines’ experience in architecture, construction, business and manufacturing management and will combine those strengths with state-of-the-art software developed specifically for the platform; resulting in better built outcomes - completed faster, smarter and cheaper.

Hutchines identified a $1.6 trillion opportunity in closing the productivity gap within the construction industry arguing it must start through rethinking the value of design and empowering architects.

We are seeing significant changes in the industry with large amounts of capital being invested into ‘disruptors’, but I’ve yet to see one focused on architecture and high-quality design. The goal with Cnstrct is to provide an architect-driven platform that makes affordable customized design available to everyone. The future of architect-lead construction will result in superior, site specific, mass customized architecture.

Architects won’t need to fight for their design intent to be implemented through the building process and they can guarantee clients that their project will be completed on time and within budget. Cnstrct will help bring their visions to life, enabling them to spend their time designing. It will be the end of cookie-cutter, over standardized manufactured buildings that have no relevance to site or context

- Joel Hutchines, Cnstrct Founder and CEO

Joel started his career as a carpenter but quickly found his creative side and began to explore the idea of being both a designer and builder. This lead him to study Architecture at Bond University, where he discovered the power of computer-aided design and digital fabrication.

Following his tenure at Shigeru Ban Architects, based in Tokyo, Joel co-founded Studio Workshop, a multi-disciplinary design-build firm that is equal parts design studio and fabrication workshop. His unique skill set quickly made him a desirable asset to many construction project teams; resolving complex structures with the implementation of modern construction methods and offsite manufacturing technology.

In its first 2 weeks following the soft launch of the Cnstrct website, 500 architect, interior design and property developer users across 12 countries have pre-registered, indicating their interest in using the platform. This gives Cnstrct an estimated yearly pipeline of construction work valued at over $27 billion and growing.


The Process

First, users will create a digital twin of their building using Cnstrct’s intuitive modeling software. The modeling process will be supported by an advanced AI system and a team of virtual consultants, which will assist the user in making real-time decisions regarding the design, engineering, code compliance, and procurement for their projects, as well as planning the logistics of onsite assembly. This software will also provide users with real-time cost and schedule updates, streamlining pre-construction and eliminating the need for value management.

Once a digital model is created it will then be sent to one of Cnstrct's local production facilities, which will utilize the latest technologies in computer-aided manufacturing, 3D printing, robotics and autonomous procurement to fabricate all of the necessary building components.

CNSTRCT is exploring manufacturing capabilities which could include:

  • Metal and timber framing
  • Floor and roof cassettes
  • CLT and glulam
  • Wood joinery
  • Precast concrete
  • Structural steel
  • Stone processing
  • Windows and doors
  • Custom architectural features
  • Prefabricated bathrooms
  • Large format 3D printing
  • Extensive supply chain

Cnstrct is now accepting Pre-registrations. Click here to sign up for free.

By registering, you will help determine the ideal locations for the first Cnstrct facilities. You will also be eligible to gain access to the beta version of the software upon its launch, as well as updates, insights and opportunities to customize the platform for your geographic area.

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Discussion (2 comments)

Andrew Herbert's picture
Interested in the concept, its application, and its roll out.
Scott Deppeler's picture
Hey Joel,

This is looking awesome, very inspiring and can definitely see a great opportunity!

Would really like to chat more about it


Scott Deppeler
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