Dahua Group's Hawthorn Park commences construction in Hawthorn East

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Dahua Group's Hawthorn Park commences construction in Hawthorn East

Mentioned briefly in Urban.com.au's article on Hickory's growing construction pipeline, a ground breaking ceremony was held on site at Hawthorn Park to mark the commencement of construction. Located at 33 - 57 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East, the campus-style development comprises four interconnected apartment buildings assembled around Jack Merlo-designed parkland and piazzas, providing pedestrian connections between Burwood and Camberwell Road.

Upon completion in early 2020, 345 dwellings including apartments, townhouses and retail tenancies will be delivered on the massive 12,600 sqm site. The Rothelowman-designed project's centrepiece is a glass-bottomed 'Sky Pool' suspended between two of the buildings. 

Dahua Group's Hawthorn Park commences construction in Hawthorn East
Aerial showing the breadth and scope of the site. Image: Rothelowman

Public piazzas are placed at the site’s entry points drawing Burwood Road’s existing green edge through to the plaza located on Camberwell Road’s more robust presentation. Feature stairs cut a pathway into the open contoured space activated with resident amenity, retail and F&B. A glass bottomed swimming pool spans between buildings and over the plaza, creating a spectacular front door to the project, and also locating the comprehensive resident amenity floor.

In contrast to the softly edged central zones, a hard blue stone envelope has been established around the perimeter to create a sense of protection and containment. This hard edge is driven by a series of feature elements which serve to visually break down the composition along the street and create a sense of community identity.

- Rothelowman

The four buildings range in height from three to six-storeys and will be situated above a two level basement car park. Residents will have access to exclusive facilities such as fruit and vegetable gardens, private landscaped garden lounges and a wellness retreat featuring a state-of-the-art gym, yoga studio and massage rooms.

Hawthorn Park also includes a roof top residents lounge with access to the 'Sky Pool' extending between two of the four buildings. According to Hickory, its structural engineer was able to rationalise the pool design to enhance buildability, including prefabrication of certain elements. Hickory also offered an in-house façade solution to enable delivery of the textured façade using glass reinforced concrete (GRC) components.

Dahua Group's Hawthorn Park commences construction in Hawthorn East
Hugh Lu, Development Director at Dahua Group. Image: Supplied

Dahua Group's Development Director, Hugh Lu says the ground breaking ceremony marks a significant milestone for Dahua, following clearing of the site in July of this year with an expected construction programme of 24-26 months.

Speaking to Urban.com.au, Lu expressed his excitement about the provision of a garden connection from Burwood Road to Camberwell Road, citing this as one element of the project in particular, that he's most looking forward to seeing realised. As for what's next for Dahua? Lu doesn't give too much away, simply stating that "(Dahua) will continue to build out our other projects in Australia." 

Lead Image: Hickory

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