Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018

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Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018

Southbank's continued evolution as Melbourne's most dense suburb continues with 11 projects dispersed throughout the suburb, currently at construction.

Upon completion these projects will collectively deliver 5,208 apartments in addition to 727 hotel rooms. 

Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018
An overview of construction activity within Southbank.

The largest of these is Australia 108, which is making heady progress as it begins to surpass the heights of surrounding towers, on its way to an eventual height of 319m.

It is located within a pocket of Southbank which has three other buildings of significant height and density under construction. These are Stage One of Melbourne Square which comprises two buildings of 72 and 56-storeys respectively and Southbank Place on opposite corners of Kavanagh Street. 

Melbourne Square has just begun climbing out of the ground, while Southbank Place is much further advanced and is well beyond the halfway point.

Additionally, the Adina Hotel on the corner of Southbank Boulevard and City Road is seeing the first of its first 10 floors being added above the existing office structure.

The outliers as indicated in the map above are 202-214 Normanby Road within the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area which has just commenced construction, and The Evermore and Botanic developments located within the Domain precinct.

Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018
Australia 108. Image: Mark Baljak

Australia 108's core has reached level 67, surpassing Freshwater Place, with the floor slabs tracking behind at approximately level 61.

Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018
Melbourne Square Stage One. Image: user redden

The cores for both towers are out of the ground and the first floor slabs have started being formed. 

Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018
Southbank Place. Image: user redden

Southbank Place is progressing rapidly on the corner of Power and Kavanagh Streets with the core likely to top out by the end of the year and the floors not far behind. Facade installation is also keeping up with the pace of construction.

Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018
Imperium Hotel. Image: user redden

Tucked away on Moray Street, Imperium Hotel's narrow footprint is rising quickly with the core clearing podium height.

Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018
Adina Hotel. Image: SSC user redden

The first of the steel members of the transfer level have been installed, with the subsequent floors above this to be CLT construction.

Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018
167 City Road. Image: user redden

The wedge shaped hotel has topped out with facade installation and interior fit-out works continuing.

Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018
Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Image: user redden

The John Wardle-designed building for University of Melbourne while not large by Southbank standard is making an impact on the Sturt Street streetscape.

Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018
Botanic. Image: user redden

Excavation is progressing on site at Botanic, to allow for construction of the basement parking levels.

Southbank Construction Overview - August 2018
The Evermore. Image: user redden

The Evermore site has almost been completely cleared with piling due to commence thereafter.

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