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Holiday Inn stays ahead of the Mascot curve with a sizeable expansion planned

Holiday Inn stays ahead of the Mascot curve with a sizeable expansion planned

Mascot's Holiday Inn Sydney Airport is poised for major expansion, as a bevvy of additional hotel operators earmark a presence in the blossoming aviation turned development precinct.

Plans were lodged last week seeking to add another hotel building adjacent to the existing Holiday Inn Sydney Airport. Created by Cox Architecture, the submission looks to wedge the new building in at the corner of Bourke Road and O'Riordan Street.

The Silversea Trust-backed proposal holds a build value near on $45 million and is expected to account for a small portion of the overall 6,534 square metre site. Agent Savills has been installed as project manager.

Holiday Inn Sydney Airport's location is in the heart of the Mascot Station Town Centre Precinct approximately 7 kilometres form Sydney's CBD, with surrounding uses generally dedicated to commercial offices and other hotels servicing the wider aviation precinct.

Holiday Inn stays ahead of the Mascot curve with a sizeable expansion planned
A crude representation of the Holiday Inn expansion in situ. Image: Cox Architecture

As a result of the expansion hotel numbers onsite would increase from the current 252 to 456 rooms, with onsite vehicle capacity expanding to 212.

Holiday Inn maintains a lengthy lease over the site and adjacent road reserve which expires in 2039, with another 50 year lease extension at their discretion. The current hotel spans 11 storeys whilst the new Cox Architecture-designed wing increases to 12 storeys or 43 metres.

A precast art wall fronts the major intersection, with either flank dominated by precast panels with aluminium highlights.

Holiday Inn stays ahead of the Mascot curve with a sizeable expansion planned
The Ewan Street mixed-use project. Image: Savelle

In and among the thousands of apartments in development within Mascot, a strong hotel delivery pipeline also exists. Pro-invest Group is endeavouring to gain approval for a new 178-room Holiday Inn Express at 2-8 Sarah Street whilst earlier in the year outlined developer Savelle's upscaled intentions for 5-11 Ewan Street.

Included within Savelle's development is capacity for 187 hotel rooms.

Sydney Airport Corporation is looking to capitalise upon Mascot's robust short stay demand with intentions to create a portfolio of hotels on airport land. The corporation began this process last year with the opening of a mantra-branded hotel adjacent to the domestic terminal last year.

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