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Top 20 Melbourne suburbs with the largest development pipeline

Top 20 Melbourne suburbs with the largest development pipeline

In stark contrast to our growing database of Sydney projects, Melbourne's been in's DNA for over five years.  And what a difference it is with postcode 3000 (actually, the suburb name Melbourne, but you know what I mean) leading the pack among the top 20 suburbs across metropolitan Melbourne with the largest development pipeline.

Not to be outdone, Southbank, home to some of the largest skyscrapers (and proposals) in the city comes in second with a 5 figure number in its development pipeline and spilling over from Southbank, South Melbourne takes the third top spot.

Box Hill and Doncaster are two suburbs in the top 10 which stand apart from the trend of much of inner Melbourne ruling the roost and Brunswick, Moonee Ponds, Coburg in that inner-city to middle-ring transition area are present within the top 20.

In fact, beyond the top 20, there are many middle-ring Melbourne suburbs with over 1000 dwellings in the development pipeline including Carnegie (1602), Essendon (1527), e (1407) and Maribyrnong (1279).

For a while I've been saying both privately and publicly, Footscray is on the same level as South Yarra - similar distances from the centre of Melbourne and with the rail transport to match - and lo and behold Footscray is well ahead of South Yarra's pipeline numbers at this time.

Collingwood (2668) outstrips Fitzroy (1169, ranked #35) by a long margin and Preston (3369) is way out ahead of all the other suburbs on the High Street / South Morang corridor.

The monster numbers at the top can be explained that the suburb 'Melbourne' applies to St Kilda Road as well as the CBD, however when we look exclusively at postcode 3000, there are still over 18,000 dwellings in the pipeline.

The number of dwellings below are for all projects on the project database across all four main statuses - Planning Assessment, Approved, Registration & Sales and Under Construction.

Click on a suburb name to view a summary of the development pipeline for each region.

Rank Suburb Number of Dwellings
1 Melbourne 20,035
2 Southbank 16,015
3 South Melbourne 6573
4 Footscray 6526
5 Docklands 6276
6 Box Hill 5645
7 West Melbourne 4980
8 Richmond 4402
9 South Yarra 4124
10 Doncaster 3808
11 Preston 3369
12 Brunswick 3044
13 Brunswick East 2828
14 North Melbourne 2793
15 Moonee Ponds 2749
16 Collingwood 2668
17 St Kilda 2618
18 Port Melbourne 2493
19 Coburg 1792
20 Hawthorn East 1757

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