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Ringwood's has 600 apartments under construction, as a new project nears launch

Ringwood's has 600 apartments under construction, as a new project nears launch

The erection of a tower crane for 233 East has seen the overall number of apartments under construction within Ringwood surge to approximately 600.

These 600 apartments are spread across seven separate apartment developments of varying sizes, yet the overall figure is representative of the underlying demand for apartment living in the outer eastern suburb. 233 East is at this stage the highest profile development to begin construction owing to its height and location.

Opposite Eastland and fronting Maroondah Highway, the LSA Architects-designed project will add just shy of 100 new apartments. At 10 levels it will also be the area's tallest apartment building upon completion.

233 East is at construction

The balance of projects at construction is located well back from Maroondah Highway in a pocket bound by Bond Street, Ringwood Street and the Ringwood Bypass.

Largest at construction is the tri-building Eden Square project; Head contractor Hamilton Marino is well into the build phase with the eventual outcome some 200 plus apartments adjacent to the Mullum Mullum Creek. Eden Square is noteworthy in that its premier residences managed to sell for $2.55m and $2.5m respectively.

Next in terms of size is Nelson Bourke Apartments at 1-7 Nelson Street. Builder Buxton has taken the floor plate above ground for the dual building development that will result in 111 apartments.

The balance of developments at construction adding to the 600 apartment figure includes Venus Apartments, Ark Apartments and The Edge Apartments.

Nelson Bourke Apartments progress

Another development due for a construction start is The Selection with Method Constructions signage up across the site. The builder is set to begin works on the Embrace Architects-designed project which includes 49 apartments and two ground floor retail tenancies.

The project's marketing campaign billed it as Ringwood's premier apartment development, which includes seven levels of living above two basement levels. The Selection's facade will predominantly consist of exposed concrete, charcoal steel frames, perforated metal screens and shaded glazing wraps.

Whilst the number of apartments under construction within Ringwood is at an all-time high, a newly assembled display suite has appeared at 33-35 Ringwood Street.

The display suite's arrival may well signify the signifying the imminent launch of the DKO Architecture-designed seven level apartment development that hit planning with 38 apartments in tow.

33-35 Ringwood Street. Planning image: DKO

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