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Macquarie Park racks up further major apartment developments

Macquarie Park racks up further major apartment developments

City of Ryde has this month fielded a trio of projects that stand to add hundreds of new high density apartments between Macquarie Part Railway Station and Macquarie University.

Most recent was 9 Peach Tree Road, with documents submitted for a 14 storey tower encompassing 116 residential apartments split between 26 x 1 bedroom, 50 x 2 bedroom and 40 x 3 bedroom options. The $35 million scheme also includes 4 basement levels for 136 vehicles and a 70 square metre tenancy.

The Peach Tree Road proposal follows on from 159-161 Epping Road and 45-61 Waterloo Road, both of which were lodged at the turn of May.

The latter will see John Holland delve into development and for now remains a Concept Development Application with an eye toward eventually becoming a multi towered apartment precinct of some magnitude. 159-161 Epping Road on the other hand is a more definitive development application championed by national developer VIMG.

Expected in the VIMG vision are two 14 storey residential apartment buildings designed by Warren and Mahoney.

The above projects are in addition to a development application across 1-3 Cottonwood Crescent which was lodged earlier in the year. That application seeks 774 rooms within a 15 storey designated as affordable rental housing stock.

Epping Road perspective. Image: Warren & Mahoney

VIMG's scheme is a further step by the developer in enhancing its national presence after establishing a strong development history in Melbourne over recent years.

Their 159-161 Epping Road endeavour includes 317 dwellings split between 2 x studio, 104 x 1 bedroom, 179 x 2 bedrooms & 32 x 3 bedrooms options. Costing in excess of $146 million to build, the project also sees 3 basement levels accommodating 308 vehicles.

Warren and Mahoney's scheme sees an open green space 'outdoor room' bisect the site.

The landscape component forms an integral part of the development, and has been integrated into the design from the early concept phase. It will become a focal point for residents and provide an extension of the building forms, the 'Outdoor Room.'

The generous 34m building separation has afforded a design that provides a holistic connection between internal and external spaces, creating areas of varying privacy, and providing moments of reflection and celebration. A generous 20% of the site, which exceeds the minimum ADG requirement, is dedicated to deep soil landscaping, this allows for the retention and planting of mature trees to further enhance the sites natural landscape.

Warren and Mahoney

VIMG expect their project to begin construction during 2019.

The above projects fall within the Macquarie Park Urban Renewal Area which will see a majority of the suburb dedicated toward higher density living, commercial development and innovation.

159-161 Epping Road within the Macquarie Park masterplan. Image: Warren & Mahoney

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