A snapshot of Melbourne's construction - May 2018


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Autumn is, sort of, here and the mild weather has continued with a raft of sites around the city powering along - the lack of rain in the past few months will likely benefit many project's construction schedules.

here's a snapshot of some of the projects that are under construction, using images posted on the forum during April.

As always, click on the forum link above each image to view more images & the discussion threads.


From the Moonee Ponds Projects & Construction thread.

Former Moonee Ponds markets site - image originally posted by Mark Baljak

From the South Yarra projects & Construction thread - demolition has begun on the Yarra One site.

Yarra One - image originally posted by UM user Redden

From the 311 Spencer Street thread.

311 Spencer Street - image originally posted by Mark Baljak

It's been a while since the East End had a decent-sized tower under construction - from the 72-82 Collins Street thread.  Thanks to GlennWilson for the aerial image of the site from above, shown as the lead image.

72-82 Collins Street - image originally posted by UM user Redden

To quote the original forum post - "Floorplate just above ground, only another 175m left to go" - from the Capitol Grand thread. 

Capitol Grand - image originally posted by Mark Baljak

Site clearing works continue and a perimeter has been established around the St Boulevard 601 St Kilda Road site.

St boulevard - 601 St Kilda Road - image originally posted by UM user Redden

​​​​Premier Tower's core now well and truly making its presence felt on the corner of Bourke & Spencer Streets.  From the Premier Tower thread.

Premier Tower - image originally posted by Mark Baljak


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