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Australia 108 approaches 50% of its height

Australia 108 approaches 50% of its height

The core of the skyscraper which will take the title from Eureka as Melbourne's tallest building is approaching 50% of its eventual height.

Images posted on the Urban Melbourne Projects & Construction forum by stalwart member redden show that Multiplex are now working on the 50th level within the core box. 

Australia 108 will eventually have 99 floors, rising to 317 metres above the intersection of City Road and Southbank Boulevard.

With well over 1000 apartments, Australia 108 will eclipse Eureka Tower, completed last decade, by 20 metres in the height stakes.

Australia 108 approaches 50% of its height
Australia 108 looking westward along City Road - image: redden

In September 2015 when Multiplex was awarded the construction contract valued at $500 million, the construction milestones which included the number of apartments to be completed were:

  • Stage 1: up to level 40, 491 apartments, to be completed late 2018
  • Stage 2: up to level 56, 252 apartments, to be completed mid 2019
  • Stage 3: up to level 66, 162 apartments, to be completed mid 2019
  • Stage 4: up to level 86, 120 apartments, to be completed early 2020
  • Stage 5: up to final level, 80 apartments, to be completed mid 2020

The only other tower taller than Australia 108 which has received planning approval is One Queensbridge Street which the current Planning Minister Richard Wynne signed off on in February 2017.

Australia 108 was approved by then-Planning Minister and now Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy, in 2014.

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Discussion (2 comments)

tiankd74's picture

why should the authority approve the settlement in stages? Residents are moving in while the construction is still going on above.... That is nonsense

Mark Baljak's picture

It also an established practice across many towers in town over recent years

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