Elizabeth Street pop up to close as development works commence on Riverview House

After a brief stint during summer, the City of Melbourne's Elizabeth Street pop-up park will close on 24 March to allow for private development works at Riverview House with the Council postponing the permanent upgrade of the area to create new public space, now due to commence in 2019.

The upgrade will more than double the amount of pedestrian space in the street. We will also create a better space for people with new bluestone paving, street furniture, lighting and trees.

Artist's impression of Elizabeth Street South upon completion. Image : City of Melbourne

The design for the new public space at Elizabeth Street South involves five key components:

  • Removal of Southbound traffic
  • Provision of a new pedestrian area
  • Retention of trams and terminus
  • Upgrade of western footpath
  • Northbound traffic retained 

Construction works at 276 Flinders Street, fronting this section of Elizabeth Street, are due to commence in the next month, limiting Council's ability to build upgrade the street immediately.

The decision to postpone construction of the permanent public space is based primarily on maintaining pedestrian safety around construction activities at 276 Flinders Street and preventing damage to new public space infrastructure that would likely result from construction vehicles accessing the area.

    The development at 276 Flinders Street comprises the construction of a 4,600 sqm tower building on the northern part of the podium due for completion by the end of the year. 

    Designed by Baldasso Cortese who have been involved in the revistilisation of Riverview House since 2001, the new 5-storey office building will be built utilising lightweight steel and timber construction and accessed via a bridge-link from the existing tower lobby.  

    Riverview House's second tower is set to commence construction. Image: Baldasso Cortese

    ​​​​​​​Lead Image: City of Melbourne


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