671 Chapel Street gets a redesign, approved by Stonnington council

In November 2017 City of Stonnington received amended plans for 671 Chapel Street wherein the architect for the project, Architecton, has reduced the overall height of the building which in turn has reduced the overall amount of dwellings planned for the project.

Originally lodged with Council during 2015 with 30 levels and 352 apartments, the amended plans would see 671 Chapel Street weigh in at 21 levels with a total dwelling count of 158. The 2015 proposal had an average of 12 apartments per floor, although the amended plans will see this figure average out at  9 apartments per floor.

The amended proposal maintains a rooftop garden, plus 2,940 square metres of commercial space.

671 Chapel Street, South Yarra redesign - image: Architecton

The Stonnington Leader reported that the scale of the proposal had changed after consultation with council staff, and that the latest amendment received 30 objections. The amendment was approved by Stonnington council early in February with a 5-2 vote, however that did not stop one councillor airing his disapproval through the local newspaper.

Councillor Matthew Koce, one of the two no votes, in reference to the project located adjacent to Melbourne High School and its overall prominence in the area, told the Stonnington Leader "Melbourne High is meant to be a castle on a hill, it’s turning more and more into a sand castle."

Nonetheless proponent Lantern River Pty Ltd has gained the right to deliver the tower.

Capitol Grand's lift cores now well and truly above street level - image: UM user redden

South Yarra's Forrest Hill precinct has seen intensive development over more than a decade with one of its largest buildings, Capitol Grand located just down the street from 671 Chapel Street, attracting intense interest on the Urban Melbourne Forum.

Capitol Grand will be the first 'skyscraper' (a building with a roof height over 152.4 metres (that's 500 feet in the old money) outside Melbourne's CBD, Southbank, St Kilda Road or Docklands precincts.

Seen above is the latest construction image of Capitol Grand, posted by UM user redden, dated early March.

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