Urban Melbourne Database sails past 1500 projects

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Urban Melbourne Database sails past 1500 projects

It's been a long journey since Urban Melbourne first went live in March 2013 with a few hundred projects -  project database now tops 1500 published projects.

With the published database now totaling 1500 projects, there have been a further 500 projects since we launched that have progressed through the development pipeline.

Similarly, the number of architectural firms referenced on the projects has now surpassed 300 with the top 5 referenced firms being: RotheLowman (63), Hayball (52), CHT Architects (47), Elenberg Fraser (42) and Plus Architecture (40).

Rounding out the top 10 we have Ewert Leaf (33), Fender Katsalidis Architects (31), Peddle Thorp Architects (31), DKO Architecture (28) and ClarkeHopkinsClarke (23).

Urban Melbourne Database sails past 1500 projects
The 1500th published project: 52 Napier Street, Footscray

52 Napier Street in Footscray, as seen above was the project which brought the total published number up to 1500. 

It is being developed by Unison Community Housing and the approved 6-level project sits on a 935 square metre site and comprised 57 community housing units.

Other recent entries into the database include Once located at 959 High Street in Armadale, 719-721 Whitehorse Road in Mont Albert and Rosebery - 21 Wattle Road in Hawthorn.

Urban Melbourne Database sails past 1500 projects
Once - 959 High Street, Armadale

80% of all projects on the Urban Melbourne Project Database are predominantly residential projects, with or without active frontages and uses on the ground floor; another 9% of projects in the residential-mixed use category and the balance of projects either commercial, institutional or transport related.

The database has 119 referenced construction/contracting companies across the range of projects that are under construction with the top 5 firms: Hacer (13), Orange Building Solutions (13), Valeo Construction (13), Hamilton Marino (10) and Crema Constructions (9).

Rounding out the top 10 we have Element Five Buildings (9), Hickory (9), Multiplex (9), Lendlease (8) and ABD Group (8).

See below for a list of the most recently added projects to the database.

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