Nightingale's initial project reaches completion as more in the series begin construction

Nightingale 1 now stands directly opposite The Commons in Florence Street Brunswick (which acted as the test bed project for the wider Nightingale series) as the completed first project in the mushrooming series of development which have social, environmental and financial sustainable goals at their core.

Designed by Breathe Architecture, the project's completion heralds another landmark in the Nightingale series which has expanded rapidly in recent times due to intense public interest; so much so that 7 buildings are planned at nearby Duckett Street in a village like configuration.

Urban Melbourne has followed the progress of Nightingale 1 closely, reporting on builder Project Group's topping out of the development last year, with it subsequently reaching completion late last year and now fully occupied.

Nightingale 1 is a five-storey building containing 20 apartments, a ground floor tenancy and rooftop communal gardens. The project slant toward sustainability sees it with an average rating of 8.2 stars, and includes a shared 18kW solar array.

Championing sustainability and ingenuity across the entire series of developments, the forthcoming Nightingale 3 at 209 Sydney Road is likely to be built with cross-laminated timber panels provided by XLam.


Nighingale 1's mural dubbed 'Selene'

Nightingale 1's north and south elevations feature deep-set balconies. The southern facade is finished with a glass screen whilst the northern facade will in time sport a green exterior that will help shield direct summer sunlight exposure.

The development's abbreviated podium features a brick finish, a feature which has become commonplace over other projects in the Nightingale series. At street level design studio Urban Commons have provided Foodscape Plot planter boxes to soften the relationship between building and streetscape.

A striking design feature of Nightingale 1 is the commissioned building-wide mural which will unfortunately not be a permanent sight for passers-by. Mesh Apartments which is currently at sales adjoins the completed building and will in time cover the massive artwork.

In a nice synergy tying in with the buildings heightened design credentials, Branch Studio Architects are now in residence across a ground floor tenancy.

Nightingale 1's various angles

Nightingale 1's completion rolls into the commencement of another in the series. Earthworks have begun on Nightingale 2 located at 72A Station Street, Fairfield.

Hard against Fairfield railway station, the site is now in the hands of builder Atelier Projects. Six Degrees Architects and sustainability agency HIP V. HYPE are overseeing the project which will add 20 owner occupier apartments to the area.

Not far behind in terms of construction is Nightingale Brunswick East with Liberty Builders announcing during December that it has won the right to build the project. 38 apartments were set aside within the development backed by Lucent Capital, effectively resulting in the project being divided in half to accommodate the Nightingale model.

The building will target an embedded energy network, helping to achieve a 7.5 star NatHers energy rating.

Nightingale Brunswick East is poised to begin construction

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