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A look inside Noir as the project races toward completion

A look inside Noir as the project races toward completion

South Yarra's latest residential addition is rapidly approaching completion, and to mark the occasion Urban Melbourne was guided through Noir by developer Dahua Group.

Under the guidance of head contractor Hacer Group, Noir's construction has moved at breakneck speed, so much so Dahua Group asserts it has risen in record-breaking time. The project, on Garden Street, has advanced from its ground level slab to completion in only eight months.

Noir's final slab was poured during April, followed in August by a traditional topping out ceremony. 

The rapid acceleration through the concrete structure can be attributed to the tower's simple square floorplate, combined with the brisk work of concrete structure specialists I&D Group.

A look inside Noir as the project races toward completion
Noir South Yarra is approaching completion

Fast forward to Urban Melbourne's visit earlier this month and Noir's exterior is all but complete. The building carries a trademark CHT Architects finish which consists of predominantly black and white interlocking geometric shapes; this finish is prevalent across numerous CHT Architects projects such as Ebony Apartments, Evita and the award-winning Maze Apartments in Richmond.

Residents will get to see the building up close soon enough, with settlement approaching and many of its residents able to move in before Christmas 2017.

As Dahua Group's first Melbourne site acquisition post their office being established locally in 2014, Noir's pending completion is a milestone project for the developer and its Project Manager for apartment developments in Australia, PDS Group. At the peak of Melbourne's apartment boom, dwellings within the project sold out promptly.

We’re delighted to have reached this milestone and thank our partners, particularly Hacer, for getting us to this stage ahead of schedule.

PDS Group is proud to have partnered successfully with Dahua Group for Noir and we are looking forward to Noir welcoming its first residents in the coming weeks and Dahua Group’s next Melbourne project Hawthorn Park.

Dahua Group  and PDS Group wish to thank our partners for their innovation and hard work to date

- Andrew Fortey, Managing Director of PDS Group

91 residential apartments are located above 6 ground floor tenancies for restaurants and/or retail.1, 2 and 3 bedroom configurations were offered, although a top floor apartment was combined to deliver a massive dwelling looking over Melbourne's skyline.

A look inside Noir as the project races toward completion
Professional photographers get to work on a completed apartment

At the time of Urban Melbourne's visit, two apartments were fully completed and styled with DOMO furniture packages. Seen above is a glimpse of a completed single bedroom apartment going through its marketing paces.

DOMO's furnishings were offered across Noir, with certain buyers electing to purchase a combined apartment and furniture package. The synergy will continue with DOMO set to anchor a major Camberwell Road tenancy in Dahua Group upcoming development dubbed Hawthorn Park at 33 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East.

That project will include hundreds of apartments and townhouses, and is a major aspect in Dahua Group's Australian portfolio which is valued at $4.5 billion across 13 projects, with a development pipeline stretching to 2030.

Noir has an end value of $60 million. 

A look inside Noir as the project races toward completion
Uninterrupted and impressive sight lines

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