Docklands construction update June 2017 (with 3D)

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Docklands construction update June 2017 (with 3D)
Docklands construction update June 2017 (with 3D)

With a number of significant projects wrapping up construction within Docklands and the end of the financial year imminent, the half way point of 2017 seems like a good time to take a closer look a the state of affairs within Docklands.

Probuild and Hickory have all but wrapped up external construction on their respective builds Marina Tower and Banksia along the NewQuay promenade with just the internal fit-outs to be completed.

Their completion will leave the just begun Elm and Stone as the sole building within NewQuay under construction. It will eventually be followed by a Six Degrees-designed 20-storey building carrying 172 apartments to be located on Lot 5 at 375-381 Docklands Drive.

Docklands construction update June 2017 (with 3D)
As Marina Tower and Banksia wind down, Elm and Stone gets underway. Images Mark Baljak and Redden

The design is intended to build from the successful aspect of the CBD including diversity in the façade designs, access to natural light and ventilation and the incorporation of public spaces, arcades and lanes. We hope this will be an exemplar for human scale development in Docklands.

Six Degrees Architects

With that in mind, let's take a look at what is currently under construction in Docklands.

311 Spencer Street

Currently awaiting Ministerial approval for the proposed new headquarters of Victoria Police at 311 Spencer Street, site works have commenced in preparation for full scale construction of the 171 metre high tower once approval is granted.

Docklands construction update June 2017 (with 3D)
Site works are slowly getting underway. Image: Redden

839 Collins Street

Work is progressing on the new offices of ANZ along the banks of the Yarra at Victoria Harbour. Designed by DCM, the 21-storey office tower is about to begin its ascent out of the ground with the erection of dual tower cranes and the formation of the core pit.

Docklands construction update June 2017 (with 3D)
The core pit is being formed and two cranes have now been installed on site. Image: Glennwilson at OzScrapers

No. 1 Collins Wharf

The first stage of the Collins Wharf sub precinct which extends all the way along the remaining undeveloped tract of Victoria Harbour peninsula, is making steady progress with the core box now ready to begin its rise to an eventual height of 90 metres.

Docklands construction update June 2017 (with 3D)
Site progress at No 1 Collins Wharf, Victoria Harbour. Image: Redden

Tower 5 Collins Square

With the tower going momentarily on hold following completion of the 'podium' structure while Walker Corporation scoured for tenants in the building, it's now very much full steam ahead with the last puzzle in the Collins Square jigsaw set to be completed next year.

Docklands construction update June 2017 (with 3D)
The final tower at Collins Square is making up for lost time. Image: Redden

One Melbourne Quarter

And finally, the first stage of Melbourne Quarter is quickly rising above Collins Street and upon completion will become the new home of global consulting firm Arup and will include a publically accessible skygarden hovering over Collins Street. Two other commercial towers will round out the commercial neighbourhood to Collins Street while the first of three residential towers which comprise the Flinders Street neighbourhood are yet to begin construction.

Docklands construction update June 2017 (with 3D)
One Melbourne Quarter Construction progress. Image: Lendlease



Other projects which should commence in the next six months include Salta's build-to-rent development at 695 LaTrobe Street which includes and Indigo Hotel and Mirvac's Voyager residential tower at Yarra's Edge.

As mentioned in an article a few weeks ago, we'll continue to test hosting parts of the Urban Melbourne model on the site to complement other content, such as a construction update in this instance.

Melbourne Docklands by Urban Melbourne on Sketchfab

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