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One Queensbridge Street approved

It was announced by the Premier and Planning Minister this morning that One Queensbridge Street, Southbank - previously known as Queensbridge Tower - has been approved.

A media release distributed this morning confirmed the project will maintain 388 hotel suites and 708 residential apartments across its 90 floors.

The Government has also taken steps to ensure Crown Melbourne and the Schiavello Group give back to the state, with a $100 million community benefits package, including:

  • A $25 million upgrade to Queensbridge Square, including landscaping and two new cafes
  • A further $15 million for the Sandbridge Rail Bridge
  • Landscaping and public realm improvements on Southbank Boulevard, including a new bike strip
  • Street furniture and additional trees along Queensbridge Street, and better connectivity with Freshwater Place
Victorian Government media release, 9/2/2017

3,000 direct and indirect jobs are anticipated during the construction phase and once complete a further 1,000 operational jobs are expected to be created.

The pecking order

We've come a long way since Rialto ruled over Melbourne's skyline.

Project / Building Height (metres) Status
One Queensbridge Street 323 Approved
Australia 108 319 Under Construction
Eureka Tower 297 Built
38 Freshwater Place 272 Planning Assessment
West Side Place Tower 1 270 Registration and Sales
Aurora Melbourne Central 267 Under Construction
120 Collins Street 265 (spire height) Built
101 Collins Street 260 (spire height) Built
308 Exhibition Street Tower 1 254 Planning Assessment
308 Exhibition Street Tower 2 254 Planning Assessment
Bourke Place 254 (antenna height) Built
Prima Pearl 254 Built
Rialto Towers 251 Built

* heights rounded to nearest metre.

One Queensbridge Street, Southbank. Images supplied

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Discussion (35 comments)

3000's picture

Well, this was unexpected.

Adrian's picture

Was it really ?

Only thing unexpected was that it took this long - particularly as it sounds like the much debated wavy skybridge (which apparently is what held everything up) has made it through .. or perhaps just waiting for the hoo haa about Crown's troubles in China to die down.

Either way great news !!!

johnproctor's picture

^ Crown always get what they want.

Both NSW (for Barangaroo) and Victorian government have at least extracted some decent public works out of them to get it.

Which other development (single tower or otherwise) is spending $100m on public realm in vicinity of their development? I doubt Australia 108 is spending $1 million outside their site boundary.

A tweet from Lund stated it would be Melbourne's tallest building 'and possibly Australia's'

Adrian's picture

Bahaha Clay Lucas already having a sook ..

From Twitter:

'Labor gives its mates at Crown a new 90-level tower in Southbank.'

Adam Ford's picture

And apparently no skybridge?!?!! Correct decision.

Adrian's picture

And apparently no skybridge?!?!! Correct decision.

Why do you oppose the Skybridge Adam ?

db2's picture

@Adam Ford,

Todays model does show a skybridge:

Les Whyte's picture

Richard Wynne, did say on 3AW Radio there will be. Skybridge across Queensbridge Street, to connect Crown Casino with the new hotel, and it will have full public access.

Aussie Steve's picture

Shame yet another unnecessary pedestrian bridge is going to be be built across a major city street. At least, as JP says, there is a massive contribution of $$$ to the public realm with a redesigned Queensbridge Square, which when first built, was pretty good, but needs some rework now to open it up to the street and also provide some large and intimate spaces and connect both sides of the street into the potential for 1 large open space if needed for major events such as NYE celebrations.

Alastair Taylor's picture

^ Win win?

(more public realm renders added to the gallery - click them to see the larger images).

johnproctor's picture

I'm not too fussed about this skybridge. I'm not a big fan of them generally but this effectively connects a private hotel to the facilities it is intended to service.

Its unlikely to significantly detract from street level activity.

meanwhile - even in the CBD I'm coming around to skybridges based on how busy the pedestrian network is becoming. Imagine if you removed the skybridges through the retail core. Would be mayhem.

Bilby's picture

Well, at least no one is likely to call this for a grand "lefty" conspiracy.

Adrian's picture

I still can't fathom the opposition to the Skybridge in this development.

We have had them since Myer joined Bourke & Lonsdale in the 70's (60's ?). In this case it will talk almost no traffic away from the already very crowded pedestrian crossing - as JP said it's just allowing residents and hotel guests direct access to Crown facilities without the pain of crossing a busy thoroughfare. If they wan't to go enjoy the newly Queensbridge Square then they will.

And it will look stunning ..

Peter H's picture

Images 5, 10 & 13 seem to indicate a traffic free zone replacing the existing pedestrian lights crossing zone on Southbank. I'm sure this is artistic licence, although I would describe it as misleading.

Adrian's picture

Speaking of Pot Kettle ..

Matty Guy was of course on the news last night spouting on about how Wynne has gone against his own new planning controls .. when he himself would have given this the green light in a heartbeat - in fact did he not approve the previous incarnation of this project @ 276m ?

Either way - typical Aussie politicians just opposing for the sake of opposing which is the one thing I cant stand on both sides of the fence (unlike the Greens who simply oppose any kind of progress or development in this city period).

Why not just compliment it as a great boost for Melbourne and be the bigger person ..

Melbourne_Fragments's picture

unlike the Greens who simply oppose any kind of progress or development in this city period

Do you actually beleive this rubbish, or do you just not pay attention, or do you think that tall skycrapers and coal mines are inherently progressive?

Adrian's picture

Do you actually beleive this rubbish, or do you just not pay attention, or do you think that tall skycrapers and coal mines are inherently progressive?

WTF do Skyscrapers have to do with Coal Mines ???

They are ideologists and disrupters with no real interest in common sense every day governance. They've proved that by continually opposed the duplication of the 100 year old Chandler Hwy bridge probably the most overdue piece of infrastructure in Melbourne.

As George said they want their cake and to eat it too. Melbourne is growing by 100,000 people a year where do you want to put them ? If you oppose skyscrapers and urban expansion well that just leaves good old commission home style communist era blocks and blocks of mid-range housing.

Meanwhile your mates at The Age were at it again today Page.2 article describing the horrific overshadowing of the Shrine that OQB + A108 are going to cause with those big black shadows of doom drawings. The reality being of course that it will cause a bit of walkway shadowing after 3:45pm during 2 months of mid-winter LOL .. yes doomsday indeed.

3000's picture

You boil down the points presented and it's simply a matter of "Well, you are against development because you are a hipster"
Please, explain to me how people in favour of development that strives to keep the built character of an area intact as well as scale for future population growth are Hipsters.
Considering this development is in Southbank, an area pretty much devoid of the stereotypical hipsters you speak of, you seem to reaching pretty hard.
Want rampant development that doesn't consider the long-term consequences? Go live in Sydney. Proving of course, you can pay their ridiculous rents.
If the current approach to housing ("the hipster approach") is so fucking terrible and anti-advancement then why is it so many people from interstate are willing to ditch their jobs and current lifestyle and move to Melbourne?

George D's picture

I really don't like Crown's gambling operations, they're a lightly regulated entity and have managed to run rings around successive governments.

However I can't fault the construction of another iconic tower and associated public amenity.

I hope CoM does the right thing in their redevelopment of the surrounding streets, and provides real pedestrian and public spaces. They'll be needed.

George D's picture

I've had a bit to do with this rubbish, and yes, they're very quick to find fault with any kind of housing or commercial development that doesn't fit whatever notion they've adopted. They also oppose development on the urban fringe. To be fair, plenty of independent politicians hold this position too.

They say that they're for affordable housing, but their actions speak otherwise.

The consequence of the Greens controlling urban development would be that supply could not respond to demand (as the current apartment boom is doing, creating semi-affordable small houses) and that only investors and the rich would own housing.

CCC's picture

Just looking at the site and the surrounding buildings it seems an odd location for that mammoth a structure. It will clearly impact two large buildings immediately adjacent and just doesn't look to have the breathing room it should. This isn't Manhattan and just from an aesthetic point of view it looks too crammed for the surroundings... I'm sure there are better technical terms to describe this but when you actually go down there... there's not much space either side.

Mark Baljak's picture

Best you stay on topic Chris

Poor old Rialto sliding down the tallest list at a rate of knots

3000's picture

What is your point Chris?
How does all this pseudo-political trash relate to whether or not a skybridge or this development as a whole is good/bad for Melbourne?

Alastair Taylor's picture

Chris, you've only been a member for less than two weeks, but this article has been published for less than that. Have a read of the article once more.

Bilby's picture

Probably should refer to the actual policies of the party you are critiquing, too. Here they are in black & white - I don't see any mention of being anti high-rise as such ... or anything particularly controversial in terms of urbanism either. Does any planner worth their salt actually advocate for no limit on urban fringe expansion, for instance?

Bilby's picture

Hilarious or not, Chris, you haven't actually added any further insights to the debate here, or made reference to the actual policies you claim to be critiquing.

So, I'll count yours as a literal non-argument and move on.

Ed B's picture

Chris, that comment is an absolute disgrace and you should be embarrassed. While you may not always agree with Bilby, his points are always carefully thought out and reasoned. You come here to accuse others of being biased, then you resort to childish partisan attacks. Also, your posts are syntactically very similar to Donald Trump's ....just saying.

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